Zgirls 3: Furies Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Zgirls 3: FuriesZgirls 3: Furies is a brand new MMORTS for mobile by Star Ring Game Limited. Check out our Zgirls 3: Furies guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Star Ring Game Limited’s latest Zgirls game series expansion comes in the form of Zgirls 3: Furies where you will be challenged to survive in the post-apocalypse world; full of zombies, enemies, and loads of natural resources. This game is similar to Last Shelter Survival. So it was easy for us to write a guide on it. If you have just started playing it or having a problem understanding how things work in Zgirls 3: Furies, then our today’s post; Zgirls 3: Furies guide and Zgirls 3: Furies tips, cheats & strategies will help you. Let’s get started! (Also, see – ZGirls3 Codes)

Get Started With ZGirls 3 Basics⇓

The concept is pretty simple; you play as a commander of a base. Your base is in danger as there are loads of zombies, enemies everywhere. To survive in the dangerous world, you will train the shooters(shooting range), improve the defense by garrisoning heroes, build towers, train fighters, revive dead units in clone lab, craft equipment, train vehicles, and perform many more activities.

When you fall in this game for the first time, you are protected with a base shield that does not let enemies attack your base. But as soon as you level up the core building(base), this shield will get removed and the intruders will be able to attack the base. Invaders can destroy the base, kill units, and steal the resources. Any successful attack will slow down the progress and recovering from a huge attack will cost you loads of resources. So it’s better to work on defense as well. In Zgirls 3: Furies, there are loads of buildings you will need to build at the base to grow and progress. We have listed all the building list below and also added a short description.

Apart from the defense, looting is another job. In building or upgrading, transporting, training, researching, you need lumber, food, fuel, water, electricity. If you are low on resources, you can send the heroes to the RSS(resource points; mechanical farm, water filter, oil well, lumber mill, and refinery) for gathering. You can gather a certain quantity of resources; depending on the troop load. Send more troops to gather more. You can check the reports in the menu -> mail -> resource gathering section.

In addition to the gathering, you can loot nearby enemies. Go to the world map -> tap the base -> attack. Note – Don’t attack a high-level player.

So that’s the basic of Zgirls 3: Furies; build, upgrade, train, attack, gather, and survive. Let’s learn step by step. (Also, see – ZGirls3 Codes)

Zgirls 3: Furies – Guide To Resources

Food, water, fuel, electricity, wood/lumber, and iron. All these resources are produced at the base near the source point. For example; Refinery produces iron. And, you can build the refinery near iron deposit. Similarly, build a mechanical farm near rich soil to produce food. Water filter near the water source. An oil well near oil deposit. All the buildings need electricity. You get electricity from the wind turbine, power plant. To run the power plant, you must transport oil to it every now and again.

The Storage Limit

You can produce and store more resources if you build the storage for the corresponding production center.

  • Granary – Increases food storage
  • Water Tank – Increases water storage
  • Oil Storage Tank – Increases oil storage
  • Power Storage Facility – Increases Electricity Storage
  • Lumber Warehouse – Increases lumber storage
  • Iron Warehouse – Increases iron storage

As you progress in Zgirls 3: Furies, you will need a huge amount of resources for building, upgrading. Without these storage facilities, it’s impossible to pay that amount. First, you store and then pay. So these are important buildings.

Zgirls 3: Furies – All Buildings In The Game

  • Missile Silo – Build missiles. Fire missiles on the enemy base
  • Anti-Missile System – Protect the base from missiles
  • Blast Missile Factory – Produce Blast Missiles
  • Heroes Hall – Recruit heroes, get hero fragments
  • Military Academy – Exchange hero medals for skill books
  • Management Station – Deploy heroes on buildings for buffs
  • Trap House – You must choose the raider class to build this. Provides buffs to the class officer dispatch center
  • Market – You must choose trader class to build this. Allows you to trade
  • Production Center – You must choose farmer class to build this. Grants free resources
  • Embassy – Collect wages, lets you reinforce(send armies to alliance members)
  • Headquarters – Unlocks rally function. Allows you to target together
  • Bunk – Upgrade it to increase training speed, improve training
  • Mobile Army Factory – Train vehicles
  • Medical Tent – Heal injured troops here
  • Armory – Craft equipment
  • Energy Refining Plant – Obtain energy core from here
  • Officer Dispatch Center – Build formations, research buffs
  • Clone Center – Clone dead soldiers by donating the resources
  • Assault Training Center – Train fighters
  • Shooting Base – Train Shooters
  • Tower – Trap for intruders
  • Command Center – Research to enhance, promote fighters/shooters
  • Garrison – Assign APCs on base defense
  • School Of Architecture – Unlock decorative buildings, skins
  • Construction Center – Improves building efficiency
  • Gathering Station – Get prospector vehicle here to gather effectively
  • Military Intel – Reports
  • Institute – Research technologies
  • Chip Plant – Produce the chip
  • Shelter – Build and upgrade it to raise the population
  • Dining hall – Transport supplies here for the residents
  • Bank – Keep the cash here
  • Commercial Hub – Trade when the transport helicopter arrives
  • Vehicle Garage I – Premium Building. Costs you real money

(Also, see – ZGirls3 Codes)

Zgirls 3: Furies – Which Class To Choose?

Zgirls 3: FuriesTapping the base will give you the option; class. Tap it and you will see three classes; farmer, raider, and trader. Long press the skill icon to get additional details. If you choose the farmer class, then you will protect 30% resources from being plundered by the enemy, gathering speed will increase by 50%, + troop load. Cons of farmer class – Reduces the troop damage, troop defense, marching speed.

Raider Class

Pros: –

  • +Troop payload(when sieging)
  • +40% casualty
  • +Healing Speed

Cons: –

  • Reduces resource production
  • (-) money production
  • (-) troop payload(When gathering)

Trader Class

Pros: –

  • Increases money production
  • Reduces food consumption
  • (+) trade benefits

Cons: –

  • Lose resources when get raided
  • Reduces healing speed

So these are the three classes in Zgirls 3: Furies. So what would be the best class? We would recommend you to choose either raider or farmer. Farmer class provides + production buffs but debuffs on the attack, defense. Raider class provide buffs on the attack, debuffs on resource production. You can change the class at base level 10. If you want more resources, faster gathering, choose farmer. If you want high troop damage, fast healing, choose raider.

Zgirls 3: Furies Heroes Guide

Zgirls 3: FuriesAfter building the heroes hall, you will be able to recruit heroes. Heroes in Zgirls 3: Furies game come in four qualities; orange, purple, blue, and green. Orange quality heroes are better than purple, blue. Purple ones are better than blue. You can recruit orange quality heroes through super recruitment, purple heroes through advanced recruitment, blue heroes through normal recruitment. You get free recruitment tickets on daily basis.

(Also, see – ZGirls3 Codes)

Heroes Type: –

  • Combat
  • Develop

Combat type heroes are used in attacking or marching. Develop type heroes are good in providing buffs form the base facilities when stationed. Tap the hero button at the bottom-right corner to check the complete list of heroes featured in Zgirls 3: Furies. Tap their skill icon to get further info.

How To Level Up Heroes In Zgirls 3: Furies?

You can raise the hero’s level by sending him/her on the march; attacking zombies, enemies. And, raise the develop type hero’s level by stationing them on the perfect facility(check their EXP skill to know where they fit). Additionally, you can use EXP card to level up a hero.

Go to the hero menu -> select a hero -> at the top-left corner, tap the + icon next to the hero level -> use EXP card. You get this card by completing the missions, daily tasks, event reward.

To promote or enhance, research in the command center facility.

How To Upgrade Hero’s Skills?

You need wisdom medals to upgrade the hero’s skill – Go to the hero collection menu -> tap the hero -> tap the skill icon -> upgrade. Level up hero to unlock new skills.

Attacking & Gathering In Zgirls 3: Furies

Tap the world button at the bottom-right corner to head to the world map. There you will see RSS points; oil well, refinery, and more. Tap the resource point -> gather. Depending on the load, you will get the resources.

Attacking -> Tap the zombie or enemy base -> attack. Rally attack feature lets you team up with alliance members to strike down a single target. Additionally, before you attack the enemy, make sure to use the scouting feature as it reveals some sort of details. Fight basics: –

  • Keep training the units; fighters, vehicles, shooters
  • Enhance and promote the units in the command center
  • Level up heroes
  • Upgrade hero skills

APC – Durability?

APC is required to march, build & upgrade, gather. Tap the truck button on the left side of the screen to check APC; durability(green icon), load, and more. You can get more by leveling up the base.

So that’s all for now as Zgirls 3: Furies guide. Let’s take a look at our top Zgirls 3: Furies tips, cheats & strategy.

Zgirls 3: Furies tips & tricks⇓

1.) Tap To Kill And Get Reward

Zgirls 3: FuriesWithin the boundary(fence) of the base, you will often see some enemies; zombies or monsters roaming freely. All you need to do is tap on them to kill. Additionally, you will get the reward; diamonds, resource, and much more.

2.) Station The Heroes On The Basis Of Skill

Develop type heroes have awesome skills; increases the production, rapid production, healing speed, troop load, and much more. Make sure to use them efficiently, on the basis of skills. For example; Placing the survival master on lumber mill grants EXP to her. All you need to do is go to the hero menu -> tap the hero -> tap the skill -> there you will see the activation requirement. Go to the management station facility -> station.

3.) Keep Researching, Training, Building, And Upgrading

These activities are the core of MMORTS game. In order to grow, you will have to keep the institute busy in researching technologies, training centers by training fighters/shooters/vehicles, upgrading the facilities for more benefits.

4.) Pay Attention To The Events In Zgirls 3: Furies

On the top-right, tap the events button to check ongoing events. From these events, you can earn loads of rare and worthy items for free by completing certain tasks.

5.) Join An Alliance And Contribute

Joining an alliance is much important as when an alliance member helps you in building and upgrading, the time gets reduced. Additionally, you can claim wages, get reinforcement from the members, and use alliance currency in the alliance shop.

6.) Complete The Daily Missions And Main Tasks

Head to the mission section -> daily missions -> complete all the daily missions to get precious crates for free, containing loads of items. If you are figuring out what to do, then complete these tasks/quests.

7.) Turn On The Speaker To Kill Zombies

Outside the boundary of the base, you will see a speaker. Tap it to attract zombies and get free cash.

8.) Garrison The APCs

Tap the garrison -> defense -> join defense.

9.) Upgrade The Tower

The tower is the defense facility. It attacks the player’s army attacking your base. Upgrading it requires alloy barrel which you can get by spending diamonds.

10.) Pay Attention To The Formation

In the office dispatch center, you can deploy heroes as well as troops. There are three lanes; put the defense type troops in the first lane and attackers in 2nd/3rd. Under the troops section, you can check the troop portraits. At the top-left corner of the troop’s portrait, you can check its type; defense or attack.

(Also, see – ZGirls3 Codes)

So these are the top Zgirls 3: Furies tips for beginners. You can also share your tips in the comment section below.

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