The Sims Mobile Guide, Tips, And Cheats To Live A Peaceful Life

Electronic Arts’ new game “The Sims Mobile” has finally released for mobile devices. The Sims Mobile is a life simulation game in which you take care of your sims, improve lifestyle, and choose careers, and much more. Here is The Sims Mobile guide, tips, and cheats

The Sims Mobile, a life simulation game by EA is now available on Google Play Store and App store. The game was available to pre-register for a long time and now the wait is over. The Sims Mobile game features lots of content such as Sims, careers, relationships, home, family, social life, parties, and much more. Let’s take a look at The Sims Mobile Guide, tips, and cheats.

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Get Started – The Sims Mobile Beginner’s Guide – #1

The Sims Mobile Guide Tips CheatsThe very first step you have to do in The Sims Mobile is to create a Sim. You can customize your playable Sim; hair, eyes, color, outfits, and more anytime you want. After creating your first Sim in The Sims Mobile, you have to complete tutorial. The tutorial guides you about the basic of the game, about Sims, home, career, how to talk with people, daily activities, and more. Once the tutorial ends, you can play it manually as you want. Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

  • Sims in The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile Guide Tips CheatsIn the game, you play as a Sim/character. You can add more Sim later after leveling up your player profile. At the beginning of the game, you start with one. There are lots of activities you have to perform in order to progress in the game. Your Sim’s basic activities are: –

  • Complete the to-do list

The very first step is to complete all the tasks mentioned in the daily to-do list. You will be rewarded with XPs and more rewards after completing these basic tasks.

  • Your Home

In The Sims Mobile, in the beginning, you have a small house. All the things are of cheap quality and at that time your lifestyle is also on 0 level. To add or upgrade these things such as home collection(nightstand, dresser, toilet, decorative items, beds, modish chic and more), career collections(coffee maker, wall decor, treadmill, jukebox, and more), hobby collection(cooking, music, yoga, piano, and more) you need in-game currency. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android

  • How to play it? Your quick tasks?

In The Sims Mobile game, you just have to tap on the people to interact. After it, you have to choose an action; make a friendly introduction, flirt, and more. You will earn XP points on the basis of action that you have done.

There are two sides of the game; your personal life and career life. Personal life; relationship, home, family, party, and more. Career life; jobs, earnings, and more.

You have to manage both sides. At the bottom left of the screen, tap on car option and then tap on location icon. You will see a map. To unlock locked location, you have to level-up your profile in The Sims Mobile.

Locations such as medical center, fashion studio, restaurant, Barista’s apprentice and more are featured in The Sims Mobile.

Your primary task is choosing a career. The tutorial covers this task. But later when you add new Sim, then go to the location -> unlock one of the locations where there is a job requirement -> start your career. Also, see – Best platform games for Android

  • In-Game Currency – The Sims Mobile

In The Sims Mobile, In-Game Currencies are: –

  • Simoleons
  • Tickets
  • Cash
  • Fashion Gems
  • and more

Here’s how you get these without spending real money: –

Simoleons used in purchasing new items for the home. You can get Simoleons in The Sims Mobile by completing quest, tasks, and events.

Tickets are of many types and all of them are useful and required for a specific task.

  1. Home Ticket in The Sims Mobile used in purchasing items for the home. Earn from; careers, hobbies
  2. Super Home Ticket; earn from special events
  3. Luxe Home Ticket – Earn from; special events
  4. Sim Ticket – Earn from relationships
  5. Super Sim Ticket – Earn from parties
  6. Luxe Sim Ticket – Earn from Parties
  7. Heirloom Ticket – earn from family events
  8. Super Heirloom Ticket – earn from; selling heirlooms
  9. Fashion Gem; earn from; weekly ticket contest, to-do list

All these tickets in The Sims Mobile are very useful because without tickets you can not add more items to your home and it results; fail to achieve tasks. Don’t forget to earn tickets. Also, see – best strategy games for Android

  • Events – Carrer Events in The Sims Mobile

Go to your workstation and tap on the star and then tap on the start event button. Complete events to earn tickets, simoleons. You just have to tap on the star icon and select an action. For each action, you will earn stars. After you complete the event, collect your reward and spend as you want.

  • How To Unlock New Items In The Sims Mobile

At the beginning of The Sims Mobile, most of the items are locked. To unlock these items, level-up your profile as fast as you can.

  • How to Level-Up In The Sims Mobile Game?

To level-up your profile, XPs are required. You can earn XPs by completing daily tasks, interacting with people, by sleeping, completing events. Also, see – Top best offline games for Android

  • How to refill energy?

There are two ways to refill your Sim’s energy; go to bed and take sleep, use boosters. Boosters in The Sims Mobile game can be obtained by completing events, party tasks, daily tasks.

So this is The Sims Mobile guide for beginners. We will add more content to this post soon. Let’s start The Sims Mobile Tips: –

1.) Complete Basic Activities

Basic activities are completing daily to-do list, quest tasks, and events. Your primary task is complete these activities and earn rewards as much as you can. Start your events, complete them and earn rewards. Your Sim has limited stamina, don’t start the event before healing the Sim. Use boosters or go home -> tap on bed -> sleep. MG Coverage – Asphalt 9 Legends Android

2.) Leveling Up And Upgrading

The Sims Mobile Guide Tips CheatsIn The Sims Mobile, you can easily level-up your profile by completing the threshold of XP. Leveling Up the profile unlocks new content; parties, marriage, hobbies, babies, special events, downtown, and retirement. To level-up, earn XPs by completing quest, events, interact with people, and do other activities mentioned above. Also, see – Best Android games under 50MB

3.) Improve Lifestyle in The Sims Mobile

Improving lifestyle of your Sim is one of the main tasks in The Sims Mobile. You can improve your lifestyle by expanding your wardrobe, buying home catalog items, and collecting heirlooms. Just tap on the drop-down menu(at top of the screen – gree color) and check your tasks to improve lifestyle. You can interact with more people after improving your lifestyle. Also, see – Best Idle games for Android

4.) Complete Stories

Stories; hobby stories, career stories, and relationship stories. Tap on the avatar icon on the screen and then sort by “all stories”. Complete chapters to complete these stories. To complete chapters, complete events. Also, see – Shadow Fight 3 Tips, Guide, And Cheats

5.) Traits

Traits give Sims special advantage. Your Sims will earn more traits as they progress through life. Traits in The Sims Mobile are; better log-in rewards, better career points, bonus XP, and more.

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6.) Complete events fast in The Sims Mobile game

There are two types of actions your Sim can perform at the beginning of the game; normal and risky. Watch for risky actions, attempt risky actions, and earn more stars. Before attempting risky actions, build confidence by attempting normal actions.

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7.) Double Your Reward, Free Reward

You can double your reward by watching an ad and it would be great if you do this. Double reward means you can progress fast and earn more traits. If you see a video icon, tap on it and watch the video ad.

Quick Tips For The Sims Mobile: –

  • Complete daily tasks and quests
  • Start events
  • Earn double by watching the video ad
  • Build more items for your workstation and home
  • Improve lifestyle
  • Level-up your profile
  • Complete stories; relationship, hobbies
  • Add more Sims
  • Repeat

The Sims Mobile Cheats, Tips, And Tricks[A Quick Dose]: –

  • Your Sims’ traits give them advantages throughout their life.
  • Buy higher quality objects for your home to recharge your Sim’s energy faster – The Sims Mobile Energy Cheat
  • Tap and hold on objects in your home to move them
  • Parties are a great way to meet new Sims and socialize with friends
  • Give your Sims extra event points by buying objects for their workshops
  • Move out a sim to make room for the next generation when your house is full
  • Heirlooms are inherited objects that unlock traits and boost your Sim’s abilities
  • Check your daily To Do list for ideas what your Sims can do next
  • Sim can complete events on their own, but they do better with your help
  • Use cupcakes to refill your Sim’s energy instantly
  • Open your Sim’s info panel to see contacts – friendly, romantic, family, and more
  • Earn simoleons by sending Sims to their work
  • If your sim has a deep enough romantic relationship, your Sim can propose
  • When your Sim marries another Sim, they will move into your house
  • If your Sim wants to have a baby, he or she needs a good relationship with another Sim
  • The more you play, the faster your Sims earn new traits
  • Level up faster by completing daily to do list and quests
  • Heirlooms, objects, and clothing all contribute to the lifestyle
  • Heirlooms can unlock new careers and hobbies for your Sims to join
  • When Sims move out, they leave behind an Heirloom that can help your other Sims
  • Heirlooms can give the better version of traits or even unlock new ones

So this is the sims mobile guide and the sims mobile cheats, tips, and tricks to master the game like a Pro! It is too easy to play it, just complete quests and other tasks. Download The Sims Mobile – here(Google Play Store).

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