The Sims Mobile Cheats: Relationship, Career, Hobby, Energy, And More

Looking for The Sim Mobile Cheats? You are on the right place, here we have added The Sims Mobile Cheats that will surely help you to play the game without spending money. Check out relationships, hobbies, career, marriage, customization, party cheats for The Sims Mobile Game

The Sims Mobile, a new life simulation game by EA is really addictive and amazing. The reason behind it is its gameplay; the player has to do plenty of things; build the home, make the relationship, do marriage, take care of hobbies, and much more. This is a simple game and has some hidden gateways to complete the chapters; let’s take a look at The Sims Mobile Cheats, tips, and tricks to play it like a pro!

1.) The Sims Mobile Cheats – #1 – Introduction

At the beginning of the game, most of the features are locked and due to this, you cannot perform many types of actions such as organize a party, marriage, hobbies, relationships, babies, special events, and more. So don’t think about these features at the beginning and do the main tasks and earn more XP. Earn XP as much as you can and level up your profile. You can unlock new features after leveling up your profile: –

  • Places
  • Parties
  • Marriage/Wedding/Relationship
  • Babies
  • Hobbies
  • Special Events
  • Downtown
  • Retirement

A quick look at this The Sim Mobile cheat: – unlock new features by earning XPs. Must see – The Sims Mobile Beginner’s Guide

2.) Hidden Events – The Sims Mobile Cheats #2

The Sims Mobile CheatsDo you know about all events? It might be possible, you don’t know! There are three types of events in The Sims Mobile Game: –

  • Basic Events – Career Events
  • Special Events
  • Socialize Events

The tutorial covers about the career events; you go to your shop -> tap on the star -> start event -> let’s start.

Quick Cheat -> This event is only for the reward; simoleons, cash, and tickets.

Special Events -> These events activate after you level-up your profile. The main reason behind it -> rewards; tickets, In-game currency.

Socialize Events – You can access it by going to Sim Info -> tap on the Sim avatar(above car icon) -> go to contacts(2nd option) -> there you can see your contacts.

These contacts are divided into five categories; friendly, romantic, rival, favorites, and family. For example; you can start the relationship in The Sim Mobile game with a romantic Sim. Tap on the sort option -> choose romantic -> tap on socialize. After it, you will see that Sim -> tap on it and start the event and continue your relationship story.

A quick look at The Sims Mobile Cheat -> The only task you have to do is complete all kinds of events; add more Sims and complete all the chapters & stories. To start relationship -> start socialize events, for career stories -> do career events.

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3.) Automate The Events – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #3

Do you know? Your Sim can automatically complete the event. There is a fixed time limit to complete the event; you just have to start the event and rest tasks will be done by your Sim. To do it fast, you can help your Sim -> tap on the star and choose an action. Do risky actions(with smart emoji look) to complete it fast. If you have many Sims, then you just need to start the event. If not, then do it manually/fast.

A quick look at The Sims Mobile Cheat -> Your Sim can complete events automatically. If you have multiple Sims, then you don’t need to complete events manually. Just start the event and rest will be managed by your Sim.

4.) Energy – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #4

The Sims Mobile CheatsEnergy is required to complete the events. When you perform a particular action, its cost is energy. If you have no energy points, then you can not play the game, you have to wait for it or use boosters. Boosters are cake, cupcakes. These boosters can be obtained by completing the quests. Tap on the side menu -> inventory -> boosts -> tap on a booster and use it to restore energy.

Before you start the event, make sure you have enough energy to complete it. Take a sleep and restore your Sim’s energy – go home -> tap on the bed -> and sleep.

A quick look at this cheat -> restore energy by sleeping or using a booster. You can find booster under the side menu.

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5.) Customizations – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #5 – How To Move And Customize Furniture?

The Sims Mobile CheatsDo you know how to move furniture in the sims mobile game? It’s an easy task -> hold down your finger on an item(i.e. bed or sofa) and then swipe up. You will see some customizations; color, rotate, and more.The Sims Mobile Cheats

6.) Earn Fashion Gems – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #6

Fashion gem is another In-game item in The Sims Mobile; you go to park side -> fashion designer’s workshop -> there you can spend your fashion gems and earn boosters. How to earn fashion gems in The Sims Mobile game? Just tap on a Sim(not yours) and then give stickers.

A quick look at this cheat for The Sims Mobile – Give stickers to the Sim and earn fashion gems.

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7.) Relationship Stories, Hobby Stories, And Career Stories – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #7

The Sims Mobile CheatsAs mentioned above, there is one and the only task is completing events; this will complete chapters and -> complete stories.

Stories are divided into three categories in The Sims Mobile Game: –

  1. Relationship
  2. Career
  3. Hobby

Quick Cheat – relationship stories are related to your contacts/sims, career stories are related to your job, and hobby stories are related to the hobby items(can be unlocked after leveling-up your profile).

  • Relationship – The Sims Mobile Game Cheats[17 Stories)

  • Two Peas In An Odd Pod

Chapters in this story: –

  1. Mismatched Pals
  2. Judgy Buds
  3. Comrades-At-Odds
  4. Forgiving Friends
  5. Unlikely Allies
  • Arch-Nemeses(5 Chapters)
  • Raincheck, Please(5 Chapters)
  • Old Rivals(5 Chapters)
  • Tainted Love
  • Soulmates
  • The Fixer-Upper
  • A Missed Connection
  • BFF’s Forever
  • Misery Loves Company
  • Sports Buddies
  • Frenemies
  • Secret Crush
  • Geek Speak
  • More Than Friends With Benefits
  • Soundtrack Of Soul
  • Art Aficionados

The Sims Mobile Cheats -> Relationship Stories -> Go to your contact list and tap on socialize button (one by one and for all) and start events to complete chapters. After you complete a set of chapters, your story gets completed.The Sims Mobile Cheats

  • Career Stories – 7 Stories
  1. Like Nobody’s Business
  2. The Way Of Latte
  3. Out Of The Frying Pan
  4. Trending Now
  5. Hand-Knit Justice
  6. Remixology
  7. The Mystery Cure

The Sims Mobile Cheats -> Career Stories -> to complete these stories -> complete career events -> new workshop/office/hospital unlocks after you complete a story.

  • Hobby Stories – 5 Stories

  1. Six – String Fling
  2. Now We’re Cooking
  3. Yay For Vinyasas
  4. Tales From The Script
  5. Play It Again, Sim

Unlock hobbies feature by leveling up your profile, purchase hobby items, start events, and complete hobby stories.The Sims Mobile Cheats

You can check the progress of a story from your Sim’s info menu.

8.) Traits In The Sims Mobile Game

You can unlock traits of a particular sim by completing all kinds of events and tasks such as improving lifestyle, new outfits etc. Traits add the new ability to your Sim and it helps in fast progress. The Sims Mobile Cheats -> Traits -> complete career events, story, improve lifestyle, organize parties.

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