TapTap Heroes Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

TapTap Heroes is a popular Idle game, published by Ajoy Lab Games. Read on for the beginner’s TapTap Heroes guide, tips, cheats & strategies!TapTap Heroes

TapTap Heroes Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy⇓

In this TapTap Heroes guide, you will learn how to play this game, about heroes, game content, and other aspects such as progression, tips on getting stronger, what to do when you are stuck, team building, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content: –

Get Started With The TapTap Heroes Basics⇓

TapTap Heroes game features PvE as well as PvP content. When you start the game, you will play the PvE Campaign mode that features a ton of stages classified into different-different chapters or worlds; each next with more daunting difficulty. The PvE campaign mode gives you idle rewards such as coins and hero upgrade material. The more you progress or clear stages, the better the rewards you get. The max idle time is X8 Hours. On the main battle screen, you will see the heroes fighting enemies on AFK mode, after clearing a set number of stages, you will fight the boss.

You will make progress only if you defeat the boss, otherwise, you will just get stuck.

TapTap Heroes Castle⇓

At the bottom of the game scene, navigate to the castle tab and you will see a lot of new functions; game modes, shops, tavern, heroes, etc. In this part, we will explain everything: –

Blacksmith: Here you forge weapons, armors, accessories, and helmets. Forging requires gold and a set number of equipment pieces. Some high-level equipment upgrades require a set number of blood crystal ores

Hero Chest: Here you can claim a free hero chest or spend the keys to get ’em. These chests contain hero shards. Tap the (i) symbol over the chest banner to see the drop rate

Altar: Here you can sacrifice the heroes to get the resources. It has two tabs; breakdown and return. In the breakdown tab, select the heroes that you want to sacrifice and then tap the preview button to see the rewards. Tap the breakdown button to confirm the sacrifice. In the return tab, you can select the heroes you want to sacrifice in return for the resources; purple souls, gold coins, gold souls, rune stones, etc.

Market: Here you can shop keys with coins, gems, souls, lucky coins, guild coins, feathers, legion coins, void currency, and moon currency.

Hero Fusion: Here you can fuse the heroes; a set number of heroes fusion can grant you a higher-grade hero. Also, you can covert the heroes in this facility.

Fortune Wheel: Here you can spend wheel coins and get rewards

Arena: access to the PvP Arena mode.

Den of Secrets: Battle enemies; each next battle with more difficulty and high-quality rewards.

Miracle Tree: Spend miracle eye currency to summon heroes from a particular faction.

Tavern: Dispatch heroes to get rewards.

Expedition: Earn feathers and currency from the expedition.

Get The Faction Advantage In Battles⇓

Heroes in TapTap Heroes game belong to one of these factions and have an advantage over each other based on the faction relationship and can inflict addition damage and accurate shots: –

  • Horde faction has an advantage over Elf faction
  • Elf faction has an advantage over Undead faction
  • Alliance faction has an advantage over Horde faction
  • Undead faction has an advantage over Alliance faction

Learn About The Classes Of TapTap Heroes⇓

In TapTap Heroes, characters have been classified into classes. Go to the heroes tab, tap on a herp, and at the top, below its name, you can check its class.

  • Warrior Class: Tank Class, high defense and excel in soaking damage and leading from the front
  • Assassin Class: Excel at eliminating blows
  • Mage Class: Strikes multiple enemies at a time
  • Wandered Class: High-speed attacks
  • Cleric Class: Support class characters, healers, buff, etc.

How To Unlock New Heroes?

You need hero fragments to unlock a hero. Once you have enough shards/fragments of a specific hero, go to the bag tab -> shards -> tap on the hero and confirm unlock. How to get hero fragments in TapTap Heroes? There are many ways to obtain hero fragments/shards;

  • Defeat the waves of enemies, open the loot chest, or through boss battles
  • Through events
  • Complete the tavern missions
  • The den of secrets
  • Purchase it from the guild shop
  • From feather shop
  • Fortune wheel
  • From the shop
  • Miracle Summons
  • Planet Trials
  • Special Events

You can also summon new heroes. Go to the castle tab -> hero chest. There are three types of summoning features;

  • Common Summon – requires the silver key – get 1-star, 2-star, the 3-star hero(sometimes high-quality heroes too)
  • Grand Summon – requires the golden key – get 3-star, 4-star, 5-star hero.
  • Friendship summon

How To Level Up Heroes In TapTap Heroes?

Experience points(EXP) are required to level up. You earn EXP by defeating the waves of enemies or in the boss battles or through other game modes. As stated above, your heroes automatically fight in the game. Once you defeat a set of waves, you have to defeat the boss in the boss battle to move to the next stage. As you clear more stages, you earn more coins, EXP, purple souls per second. Open the loot chest on the battle screen to claim the rewards.

TapTap Heroes Guide To Game Modes⇓

There are lots of game modes. But locked at the beginning of the game. Let’s learn about these modes;

  • Expeditions – It resets every 24 hours. Heroes + level 40 can participate in this mode. Combat status will be carried over.
  • Den of Secrets – To earn powerful equipment and a huge amount of golden souls, play this mode. Defeat those powerful guards and claim the reward.
  • Arena – In this mode, you challenge other players
  • Tavern – You send the heroes on quests for rewards. The quest changes every 24 hours. Complete these quests to earn more rewards.

TapTap Heroes Equipment Guide⇓

Equipment increases the attack power and defense power of a hero. Go to the hero info -> head to the equip tab -> tap on the auto button to equip the strongest equipment.

Forging Guide;

  • Using this feature, you can get a high-quality weapon or armor or helmet or other equipment
  • Combine low-quality equipment to forge higher quality ones

Go to the castle tab -> blacksmith -> tap on an item you want to forge -> hit the forge button. Note; only equipment in the bag can be used for forging(excluding equipped by the heroes).

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Old Guide

TapTap Heroes is a great Idle RPG for Android. If you have ever played Idle Heroes game, then you can guess about its mechanics. The gameplay is similar to it, but with different characters, reward system. In this post, we have covered everything you need to know about the TapTap Heroes game; TapTap Heroes guideTapTap Heroes cheats, tips. Let’s start the TapTap Heroes guide first;

Get Started – The Basic TapTap Heroes

As usual, TapTap Heroes game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic mechanics of the game; how to play TapTap heroes, about upgrades, equipment, breakdown, souls, and much more. After the tutorial, the player has to manually take care of all kinds of activities.

The Basic; In this game, you have to build the team of heroes. Heroes are of many types; 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, 5-star. Among all these[note; you can create 6-star hero], five-star heroes are the best because they have better skills, power in comparison low-star heroes. However, it would not be easy to get the five-star heroes. Just read our TapTap Heroes cheats, tips and obtain the five-star heroes. Since it is an Idle RPG, your heroes attack automatically in the battle. Here’s the process you have to follow in TapTap Heroes game;

  • Build the team of best heroes
  • Fight in the boss battle
  • Earn XPs
  • Level-Up
  • Unlock new modes
  • Collect Heroes
  • Upgrade the heroes
  • Upgrade the equipment
  • Increase the team power

Now, let’s start the TapTap Heroes guide and learn everything about the game.

1.) TapTap Heroes Guide

Most of the features such as quests, arena, miracle tree, and more are locked at the beginning of the game. You need to level-up to unlock these locked features.

Heroes Guide – TapTap Heroes

In this part, we will talk about the heroes; how to breakdown heroes, unlock new heroes, and much more.

How to sell or use the low-star heroes

If you have lots of heroes and you don’t want them. It would be better to use breakdown feature. Using it, you can obtain golden souls, purple souls or other souls.

TatpTap Heroes Guide -> Go to the castle tab -> altar -> choose a hero you want to break down and then hit the breakdown button. You will get souls by breaking down a hero. Use these souls to upgrade the heroes.

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Now, let’s start the TapTap Heroes cheats tips and strategy to progress fast, defeat powerful heroes, get 5-star heroes.

3.) TapTap Heroes cheats tips, and strategy

#1.) Look for goblin

A goblin arrives twice a day and by defeating the goblin, you could earn decent rewards; the huge amount of coins, golden souls, and much more. You just tap on the goblin to use the minion attack.

#2.) Get the 5-Star Hero in TapTap heroes

Since low-quality heroes are not so powerful, you can not defeat the powerful guards or bosses. So, the 5-star heroes required to slay down the powerful guards. How to get the 5-star heroes in this game?

  • Register – Go to the events tab, just above the gift icon. Head to the register section. Register with an email address. Claim the 5-star hero when you reach the level 45.
  • Use golden summon – you will get the golden key after every 24 hours. Use it daily. Go to menu – mail – I got one golden key from here.
  • Use miracle tree feature

TapTap Heroes cheats -> create the 5-star and 6-star heroes. You can use creation bag feature to create the 5-star heroes and 6-star heroes. For this, you need to fuse the weaker heroes. Go to the castle -> creation of bag -> if you have all the heroes required for fusion -> hit the fuse button.

#3.) Friendship Summon Tips

As you know, 10 hearts are required to summon a hero using friendship summon feature. You can earn hearts by adding friends to your friend list. If they accept the request, you will earn the heart. You can not add an unlimited number of friends, so, delete them from your list once you received the reward.

#4.) Increase the power of heroes

It is the basic task you have to take care of. Keep upgrading the hero’s stats; HP, attack power, defense by leveling up. To level-up, you need purple souls, can be obtained by defeating the enemies in battle. Go to the hero tab – select the hero – level up.

#5.) Reach the milestone

To unlock the new skills of a hero, you need to upgrade the tier level. Reach the certain level of a hero; 30, 40, and so on to promote it and for upgrading the tier level.

#6.) Get Free Gems

Go to the store -> watch the video ad and claim free gems. (Tap on the + icon next to gems to go to the store).

#7.) Miscellaneous tips;

  • Claim the free gold and silver keys daily
  • Complete the quests to get rewards
  • Check the store daily; look for a great deal and grab it
  • Increase the power of your heroes
  • Repeat the levels to earn rewards and use it in upgrading
  • Use the creation of bag feature to create 5-star, 6-star heroes
  • Complete the tavern quests
  • Use miracle eyes to summon heroes
  • Play endless mode to earn rewards
  • Take part in events
  • Challenge in arena
  • Forge new weapons, armors, and equipment using forging

#9.) Redeem The Codes for Free Rewards

Gift Codes are often issued by the developers of the game on their community handles; FB, Twitter, Reddit, FB Group. With the gift codes, you can have a chance to get the premium currency for free. You can check the TapTap Heroes codes here(2021).

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So, these are some TapTap heroes tips, guide, and tricks for the beginners. Download – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best Idle games like this one

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