Panjiri Recipe

Panjiri Recipe Information Here is the Panjiri Recipe from master chef Gunjan Goela, a classic Indian sweet dish and the ideal holiday treat. Coconut, chironji, gond, and roasted almonds with chashni infusion (a sugary liquid). Prepare this delectable Indian treat to give as an offering at pujas and special occasions like Janmashtami.

Ingredients of Panjiri

  • 200 gms badam (almonds)
  • 80 gms makhane (lotus seeds)
  • 100 gms gond (edible gum)
  • 200 gms nariyal (coconut), grated
  • 150 gms chironji
  • 350-400 gms boora (powdered sugar)
  • Desi ghee (for frying)

How to Make Panjiri

1. Cut the makhanas into two to three pieces. On a very low flame, dry roast them for 10 minutes.

2. Ghee should be hot enough to lightly brown the almonds. Be careful when cooking these since they burn quickly and turn brown. Low heat should be used for frying. Put these away on a tray.

3. Makhanas should be crisp-fried. On medium heat, again. Take out and set aside.

4. When these were fried, they grew four to five times in size. Crisp up in the pan, then remove and set aside.

5. Fry chironji for not more than 7 -10 mins on low heat. Keep aside.

6. For 10-15 minutes on low heat, roast the grated coconut with 1-2 tablespoons of ghee. This ought to produce a toasted nut fragrance. Set apart.

7. Boora and a little water should be added to a large kadhai to create chasni with a single thread consistency.

8. Immediately add all the ingredients to it. Coat well.

9. Take a large plate spread about 2 table spoons of ghee and pour this mixture.

10. Ideally it should be 2″ thick, leave it to set for about 3-4 hrs.

11. Cut and serve.

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