Overlords Of Oblivion Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Increase BR

Overlords Of OblivionOverlords of Oblivion is a brand new MMORPG for mobile by Neocraft Limited. Check out our Overlords of Oblivion guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Neocraft Limited’s latest MMORPG, named as Overlords of Oblivion is now out for mobile and challenges you to build the character by increasing its battle rating(BR), equipping weapon/armor/accessory-items, mounting pets, obtaining wings, and upgrading skills. The game allows you to create four different character classes; Bladedancer, Monk, Gun-Lancer, and Berserker. So you can play with all the characters. In addition to the four character classes, Overlords of Oblivion also features a variety of game modes in which you will hunt the EXP, equipment, silver, honor, fame, Scepter, Avatar, Enchant items, and much more. If you are having the trouble understanding the game’s mechanics, then today’s Overlords of Oblivion guide and Overlords of Obvilion tips, cheats & strategy will help you.


Overlords Of OblivionUnlike other MMORPGs, Overlords of Oblivion focuses on the battles rather than quests. After playing the game for a while, you will be having problems in getting three-stars at the adventure mode stages or in PvP battles. Once you got stuck, you will have to raise the BR of character. In some stages, if you failed to defeat the enemies in limited time, bleeding debuff gets activated and the character loses HP overtime automatically. So clearing the stages quickly is another challenge.

It gets tougher as you progress!

Introduction To The Game Modes And Item Farming In Overlords Of Oblivion: –

  • Adventure Mode Stages -> Silver, Equipment, Scrolls, EXP, Runes, and More
  • Treasure Hunt -> Shard, Refining Stone, Silver, Rune, and more
  • High Heaven – Huge Amount of EXP – 1 turn per day
  • Tower Of Babel – Gems
  • Team Dungeon – Multiplayer, Get Powerful Equipment
  • Somvar Scroll – Enchant Material
  • Bounty – Scepter
  • Minotaur Labyrinth – Avatar
  • 3v3 Contest – Honor points, Fame
  • Pinnacle of Akard – Fame, Avatar
  • Solo – Fame, Wing Fragment, Pet Shard
  • Team Rank – Pet Shard, Honor
  • 5v5 Clash – Fame, pet Shard
  • Clash Of Ares – Honor, Adventure

How To Increase BR In Overlords Of Oblivion?

  • Level Up Avatar
  • Equip Relic To Avatar
  • Escalate Avatar
  • Get Better Equipment
  • Refine Equipment
  • Put gems to the equipment socket
  • Shuffle the gear stats
  • Polish the equipment
  • Enchant the equipment
  • Equip/Upgrade Wings
  • Equip/Upgrade Pets
  • Upgrade Skill
  • Upgrade Runes

Overlords Of Oblivion Avatar Guide – 

When you start the game, the game allows you to select a character class. Each class has more than 5 avatars. Apart from their looks, all the avatars have different moves, passive skills, relic, and stats. In some PvP modes, you will need more than two avatars. So it’s better to unlock and upgrade all the avatars as soon as possible.

How To Get An Avatar?

To unlock an avatar, you need an avatar’s essence. You can obtain the essence of the avatar by getting three-stars in adventure mode stages, labyrinth mode, events, PvP ranking reward, and more(check the game modes info above). After obtaining enough number of the essence, go to the avatar menu -> scroll down in the avatar menu -> tap the avatar -> unlock.

How To Level Up Avatar?

To level up an avatar, you need potions. These potions come in three different grades; S, M, and L. You can obtain these potions from normal stages, relic draw, tower of Babel, guild boutique, treasure hunt mode, honor store.

Go to the avatar menu -> select the avatar -> level up.

How To Escalate Avatar?

Escalating the avatar increases its star level and boosts the stats. To escalate avatar, you need more avatar essence. Head to the avatar menu again -> select an avatar -> escalate -> at the bottom-right corner, you can check the number of essences required. Tap the obtain button to check the sources.

Every time you escalate an avatar, you’ll unlock a new passive skill. You can check all the passive skills in the same menu by pressing the skill icon.

How To Evolve Avatar?

In the evolve section under the avatar menu, you can check the conditions. Meet the condition to evolve an avatar and unlock passive skills.

What Is Relic?

A relic can increase the avatar’s stats by a massive amount and you will also see a boost in BR. Different avatars require different relics. For example; HP, ATK, DEF, Critical Hit, and more. Go to the relic tab in the avatar menu -> there you can check the selected avatar’s relic slots.

How to get relic? Go to the lobby/main screen -> at the top, tap the relic draw icon -> from there you can obtain high-quality relics. But you can get only one for free. After it, you will need to wait for another day or spend gold. But sometimes, this relic draw feature grants potion. That’s not too great!

How To Get Equipment?

You can obtain high-quality equipment by playing the team dungeon mode, adventure mode(hard stages), completing the main quests. The grade of an equipment also plays an important role. For example; common tier equipment provides very low BR as compared to legendary tier equipment.

Equipment Enhancement: –

Pay attention to the equipment enhancement as it can increase the BR/Character’s stats; HP, DEF, ATK, and more. Go to the inventory tab -> on the left side, tap the equipment -> enhance ->

  • Refine – Refining requires refining stone, can be obtained by demolishing useless equipment or from treasure hunt mode
  • Gem – Use gem material to level up socket gems and increase attack, HP, DEF stats
  • Shuffle – Shuffle the stats(replace with better)
  • Enchant – Enchanting improves the equipment attribute
  • Polish – Polishing unlocks gear’s hidden stats

Overlords of Oblivion – Wings & Pets Guide

Like other MMORPGs, Overlords of Oblivion also features the Wings & Pet system. You can equip wings, mount pets to travel long-distance locations. In addition to the quests, wings & pets also increase the BR of the character. You can obtain the wings fragment, pets shards by competing in the PvP modes; as a ranking reward.


All the pets in Overlords of Oblivion have different skills; healing, reviving, striking, and more. So make sure to choose the right pet.

Upgrade Skill

In the skill menu, you can check the skills of character and info. You need silver to upgrade these skills. Keep in mind that you can not go beyond the main character’s level. For example; you are on level 30, then you can not upgrade a skill to level 31. You must level up the character first. And, you can do it by earning EXP from adventure mode, high heaven mode.

Activate And Awaken Runes

You get the rune material from the adventure mode stages. You will be able to activate the rune once you have enough material. After activating a rune a certain number of times, you will be able to awake. Awakening improves the stats by a huge amount.

So these are the top ways to increase the character’s BR In Overlords Of Oblivion game. If you have just started playing it, then you will need to complete the certain quests to get access to certain features. And, the game mechanics will not allow you to unlock all once in a day. If you are an f2p player, then make sure to check out our top Overlords Of Oblivion tips below.

Guild – Overlords Of Oblivion Guide

The guild is one of the best features in Overlords Of Obvilion. It lets you join other members and tasks you to complete the certain challenges + compete against others together.

The best function is the “Guild Profession”. You can learn these professions and enjoy benefits: –

  • Merchant – Opting this profession will help you in obtaining silver in exchange for items
  • Pharmacist – Opting this profession will help you in making potions to restore AP(Action points are required to play team dungeon, adventure modes)
  • Hunter – Opting this profession will help you in obtaining EXP
  • Gladiator – Opting this profession will help you in obtaining fame, honor points
  • Enchanter – An enchanter profession helps you in making scrolls, runes

All you need to do is collect the items from Akard Plain location. Go to the guild -> guild bonus -> tap the view button next to the profession -> exchange the items. Tap the Go button to visit Akard Plain. For example; if you are a pharmacist, the head towards the plant and tap the highlighted icon. Raise the profession level by completing the tasks in the profession menu.

For free rewards, complete the guild daily tasks. Additionally, to level up the guild, donate silver or gold.

So that’s all for now as Overlords Of Oblivion guide. Let’s take a look at our top Overlords Of Oblivion tips, cheats & strategy.

Overlords Of Oblivion Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Don’t Activate The Auto-Mode IN Battles

As you reach a certain level in the game, the auto-battle mode will get activated. But it is not advisable to turn on. The reason is in the auto-battle mode, the character doesn’t dodge, the enemy can easily hit, and the time is consumed(more than average). So make sure to play manually. You can disable the auto-mode by tapping the auto-battle option at the top.

2.) Dodging Is The Winning Formula

When playing against the boss, you should focus on dodging the boss’s attacks. The reason is boss deals massive damage and reduces the HP by a massive amount which decreases the chances of winning and obtaining 3-stars. In the battle, you can track the enemy’s attack point by focusing on the red range. Always keep your character from the red zone. If you have chosen a melee character, then it could be difficult for you. But you can use the dodge skill. Tap the dodge skill button on the right side to move to a safe zone.

3.) Buy The Potions When Low On HP

In a battle, you can buy potions a certain number of times. It will cost you silver. All you need to do is tap the red potion button on the top-right in the battle. This will restore the character’s HP by a massive amount and will help you in clearing the stage. But make sure to buy at the right time; when low on HP.

4.) Power-Up The Character

At the top, we have mentioned all the ways to increase the power/BR of character. Level up avatar, evolve, upgrade equipment, wings, and equip the best pet. Without increasing the power/stats of the character, you can not beat the elite bosses on higher level stages.

5.) Repeat The Adventure Mode Stages

Repeat the adventure mode stages to earn EXP, runes, scrolls, and more. You can use the blitz coupon to clear a stage instantly(even on those stages where you have got only one star). Complete the quests, event missions, online reward milestone to earn blitz coupons.

6.) Draw Relics Daily

As we mentioned above, the relic can improve the avatar’s stats by a handsome amount. So make sure to claim the free relic draw daily. However, chances are very low. You can check the chances on the same screen; granted epic relic in X number of draws.

7.) Claim The Donor Reward

This is the VIP system where you’ll start from Beginner and it ends on order master. Tap the donor button at the top -> claim the privilege and prime pack daily. You can earn silver, blitz coupon, avatar potions, and much more.

You’ll have to top up for gold to move to the higher division.

8.) Join A Guild And Choose A Better Profession

There are a variety of benefits of joining a guild; you can join a profession, complete guild tasks for rewards, participate in the guild events. Make sure to join a good profession. For example; pharmacist can make potions. Check the guild guide above for more info.

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