MY Little Fantasy Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

MY Little Fantasy is a brand new Idle RPG for mobile by DAERISOFT. Check out MY Little Fantasy guide, tips, cheats & strategy to clear every stage

DAERISOFT, the creators behind Life is a Game, has published a challenging Idle RPG, named as MY Little Fantasy – Healing RPG. In the game, you will recruit the allies, fight against the hordes of enemies with a top class weapon, armor, and accessory. After clearing a set of stages, you will battle with the stage boss who has a treasure chest. Defeating the boss will reward the chest, contains EXP, gears. If you are having the trouble understanding its mechanics or looking for tips to clear every stage, then today’s MY Little Fantasy guide and MY Little Fantasy tips, cheats & strategies will help you.

My Little Fantasy Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

MY Little Fantasy1.) The Basics – Up to two characters; one hero and one ally can engage in the combat and fight against the enemies. They attack the enemies automatically, but you can increase the attack speed by tapping the battle screen. Additionally, you can equip multiple weapons. All the weapons have a unique active skill which you can activate by tapping its icon. The hero will gain EXP by defeating the enemies in the battle; just above the hero level, you can check the EXP bar. As you kill the enemies, this bar’s gauge will increase and once it fills up completely, the hero’s level will increase.

2.) Ally Level Up – Unlike the hero’s leveling process, you need to level up an ally manually. By defeating the enemies, you get EXP stones(green). You can use these stones to level up allies. Keep in mind that you can not level an ally beyond the main hero’s level. For example; Main hero’s level is 100. So the maximum level of an ally would be 100. You can not level up it to 101.

3.) Recall – Recall is the most important feature in MY Little Fantasy game. If you use this feature, the game will send you to stage 1. In short, you will have to start the game again from the beginning. But the benefit is it will gift soul stones. Soul stone is one of the premium in-game items. You can use it to increase the rank of the hero, ally.

MY Little Fantasy4.) Use Of Teleport Scroll – As you know, recalling will push you back to stage 1. You can use this item to teleport to the next stage. Keep in mind that you can not go beyond the maximum stage. For example; The maximum stage is 100. So you can not move to 101 using this item. But after recalling, when you are on stage 1, you can use it to teleport to the stage 100(the maximum stage as per the example). Tap the hero icon at the bottom of the screen -> double tab the teleport scroll -> move.

So that’s the MY Little Fantasy basics. Let’s learn step-by-step:-

Allies Guide – MY Little Fantasy – Healing RPG – How To Get?, Use?

MY Little FantasyAllies help you in the combat by dealing damage to the enemies. That’s it? Not! All the allies have different passive skills; For example – Hog can increase the ATK by 40%, Flupei increases the gold drop rate by 40%, Mayna increases the DEF by 40%. Additionally, you can send the allies on the quests, activate them as the support. You can increase their power by leveling up, ranking up. Let’s learn about all!

How To Get Allies?

You can obtain allies by spending gold and rubies. However, certain heroes are unlocked once you clear a specific stage. At the top-right corner, tap the shop icon -> go to the ally tab -> there you can spend gold, rubies to obtain allies.

Allies Rarity And Grade

All the allies belong to one of these grades; C(Common)B(Uncommon)A(Rare)S(Epic)SS(Legendary). At the bottom-left corner of ally’s icon, you can check the grade.


If you have more than two allies, then you may want to switch on the basis of their passive skill. Tap the ally icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen -> there you can see the list of available allies. Tap the deploy button to enroll him/her in the combat.

HP Regeneration – HP of the allies regenerate over time. All you need to do is give them rest; deploy another ally. After it, the health will recover over time.

How To Level Up And Rank Up Allies In MY Little Fantasy – Healing RPG?

  1. You need EXP Stones to level up an ally
  2. You need Soul Stones to rank up an ally

Tap the ally icon -> tap the level up button. To rank up, select that ally -> tap the rank option at the top-left of its portrait -> tap the transfer button.

MY Little Fantasy – Hero Guide

MY Little FantasyIf the hero loses all the HP, then you will have to restart the stage. So the hero is the main factor in the combat. You will have to keep it alive until the end of the enemy. And, to keep it alive for a long time, you will have to increase its stats; HP, defense, attack, and more. Here’s how you can power up the main hero: –

  • Equip Gears
  • Upgrade Gears
  • Synthese Gears
  • Rank Up hero
  • Limit Break Hero
  • Spend Rank Points

How To Equip Gears?

Tap the hero icon to open the inventory. There you can see all the gears you have obtained so far. You can equip three weapons, one armor, and one accessory item. Tap the weapon -> equip -> choose the slot. Tap the armor/accessory -> equip.

How To Get Gears?

  • Defeat the boss
  • From the shop

How To Upgrade The Gears?

You need Force Scrolls to upgrade the gears. These scrolls can be obtained by defeating the enemies in the combat or from the shop, in exchange for silver coins, gold coins.

Tap the hero -> select the scroll -> use -> select the gear for upgrade -> hit the strengthen button. It will cost you gold. The cost will increase as you level up.

How To Synthese Gears?

Once you level up a gear(armor or weapon) to level 20, you will be able to synthesize. In this process, you merge two weapons/armors(level 20) to get a high-grade weapon/armor.

Tap the hero -> select the level 20 weapon/armor -> synthese -> select another level 20 weapon/armor.

Rank UP Hero!

Ranking up the main hero significantly boosts the stats; Max HP, ATK, DEF. To rank up the main hero, you need soul stones. You can obtain these stones by using the recall feature.

At the top-right corner, tap the book type icon -> hero -> transfer.

Rank Up Points

You will get the rank points when you rank up the main hero. Use these points to increase the ATK, DEF, and Max HP. On the hero screen -> under the stats section, you have these options.

Limit Break Hero

Limit Break will improve the main hero’s grade(for example; C to B) and activate additional abilities. Go to the hero menu -> tap the limit break option -> confirm.

MY Little Fantasy Party Guide

You need party EXP to increase the party level. Party EXP can be obtained by defeating the boss in boss battles. At the top-left corner of the screen, tap the level/combat power icon -> there you can check the amount of EXP required to reach a new level.

On the same screen, you have some upgrades; ATK up, Speed up, Blessings, Experience up, DEF up, and Max HP up. Spend gold to level up these upgrades. Increase the party level to increase the level cap for these upgrades.

Recall – MY Little Fantasy

Recall is the prestige feature in MY little Fantasy game. To get the soul stones, you will have to recall. Depending on the main hero and allies level, you will get the soul stones. So if you want more soul stones upon recall, then level up allies/hero.

Go to the party menu screen -> tap the recall button. You can spend rubies to double the reward.

Stage Progress!

MY Little FantasyAt the top of the screen, you can check the stage progress bar. Once it reaches the maximum point, you will move to the next stage. After every 5 stages, you will have to defeat the boss in the combat to progress to new stages. Tap the boss icon to fight. If you don’t tap it, you will not progress. So it’s the best way to farm EXP, gold, and EXP stones.

So this is the MY Little Fantasy guide for beginners. Now, let’s take a look at our top MY Little Fantasy tips, cheats & strategies.

MY Little Fantasy Tips & Tricks⇓

1.) Send Allies On The Quests, Activate As A Support

If you want free gold, then one of the best ways is by sending allies on the quests. However, allies sent on the quests would not join you in the combat. To send the ally on the quest, tap the shield/coins icon at the top-right corner -> tap the gold icon -> formation -> select the ally. Collect the gold on due time.

Rear Support -> You can set the allies as support. For example; If you select Flupei as a support unit, the gold drop rate will increase by 20%. If you select Mayna as a support unit, DEF will increase by 20%. In short, their passive skill will come into effect. Tap the shield/coins icon -> tap the hand icon -> formation -> set the allies as supporters.

2.) Buy Potions Often

The game will over as soon as the main hero dies. If you want to keep the main hero alive, then make sure to buy potions often. Go to the shop -> there you can buy potions by spending gold. Additionally, before you start the fight against the boss, make sure to have enough potions in the hand as the game does not let you buy potions within the boss fight.

You can manually use the potion by tapping the potion icon or the hero will automatically use it. You can change the auto-use settings in the menu. Tap the menu button at the top-right corner -> use the <> buttons to change.

3.) Get Free Rewards By Watching The Video Ad

At the top-left corner of the screen, near the camera icon, tap the free reward icon(i). You can earn loads of gold, rubies, scrolls, and more items by watching the video ad.

4.) What To Do If You Get Stuck

MY Little Fantasy is a challenging game. As you progress or move to high-level stages, you will face the elite bosses with massive attack/HP/DEF stats. So chances are you will be stuck on these stages. There are two ways to overcome this situation; don’t play the boss mode or recall.

Grind -> The game does not let you progress to next stage until you defeat the boss. If that boss is constantly defeating ally, hero, then don’t fight against it. Defeat the enemies and earn EXP -> level up the main hero and allies. Buy potions and grind as long as you can(level up the main hero, ally). Once you are all set, start the fight.

Recall – Recalling will give you soul stones. Use these stones to rank up allies and the main hero. Ranking up is one of the best ways to increase the power of an ally or the main hero by a massive amount.

Read the guide above to know how to power up an ally or the main hero.

5.) Buy Costumes – It Matters

At the top-right, tap the costume icon -> there you can buy costumes; armor or weapon. All the costumes provide a unique boost to the hero. To buy these costumes, you need coins. Complete the special missions to earn coins. Tap the boss icon at the top of the screen(near shop icon) -> challenge. You can challenge three times a day. Defeat the boss to earn coins, artifacts. Artifacts can be used in upgrading the treasure.

6.) Strengthen Yourself

Here are all the ways to power up: –

  • Level up the main hero, allies
  • Rank up allies, the hero
  • Equip high-grade gears
  • Upgrade weapons, armor, accessory
  • Upgrade treasure
  • Buy costumes
  • Activate support units
  • Limit break
  • Increase Party stats

7.) Dismantle The Useless Gears

If you have loads of useless equipment items, then it would be better to dismantle them for the scrolls. Tap the hero -> select the gear -> essence -> get the scrolls.

So these are the top MY Little Fantasy tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share with fellow players, make sure to post them in the comment section below.

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