Merge Star Guide; How To Play, Craft, And Defeat

Merge Star GuideMerge Star is a new addictive Idle & merge game for mobile devices by Nanoo Company Inc., the creators of Dark Sword game. Check out our Merge Star guide; how to play, craft, and defeat enemies

There are lots of merging game available for Android on Google Play Store. Merge Star is the new one and it’s really great, addictive and one of the best merging games. The concept of this game is similar to other merging games; you just merge two items and get the new one. But this one also features Idle gameplay; so you have to take care of upgrades and other boosters to defeat the enemies. In this post, we have covered the Merge Star guide; everything you need to know. So let’s start the Merge Star guide without wasting time

Merge Star – Adventure Of A Merge Hero – Guide – Part 1

In this part, we will talk about the basic of the game; how to play, your objectives, and all section of the game.

⇒ Get Started – Merge Star Guide

In this game, you play as a warrior who has the ability to merge two items and the merging evolves a new equipment. You start the journey with your pet and slay down the enemies. After clearing a set of stages, you will have to fight against the boss. Your character/warrior attacks automatically, you just need to take care of upgrades.

⇒ Your Tasks – Merge Star Guide

In the Merge Star game, your tasks are;

  • Upgrade your warrior and pet’s skills
  • Upgrade crafting process
  • Merging – Like a pro
  • Using skills –  At the right time
  • Defeat the boss
  • Repeat

Let me explain all of these tasks in detail;

⇒ 1.) The Main Characters and items

You play as a warrior. You have a pet. Your warrior uses the sword to slay down the enemies. Your pet also attacks enemies. So the main items and characters are;

  • Warrior
  • Sword/Weapon
  • Shield
  • Helmet
  • Pet

Shield and Helmet are defense items. Sword determines the attack power. Pet plays an important role and contributes a lot in dealing damage.

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⇒ 2.) World Map

  • Desert
  • Craft Dungeon
  • Volcano
  • Seashore
  • Forest
  • Mine

You unlock these locations by leveling up your warrior, pet, and other items.

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⇒ 3.) How to craft new weapons by merging? – Merge Star Guide

This is one of the main tasks you have to take care of. You just tap on the hammer icon, displays at the bottom center of the screen. After it, you will see your inventory. You can switch between weapon, shield, helmet, and pet section by taping on their icons. If you want to craft weapon, then switch to weapon section or if you want to craft helmet, switch to helmet section.

To start crafting, tap on the hammer button again. To merge, hold down on an item; drag and drop over the similar item. And you will get a new weapon.

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4.) ⇒ All sections; Merge Star Guide

The first section is of “upgrade merge”. Here you can increase the speed of crafting, number of equipment, bonus crafting, and much more. This section is all about crafting items and merging.

The next section is of “upgrade warrior”. Here you can check all the upgrades related to your warrior and pet. You can increase the movement speed, attack power, and much more by spending coins.

Treasure Section -> Here you can acquire treasure with mystical powers, increase the level of various spells and ability.

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5.) ⇒ Random – Merge Star Guide

At the top left side of the screen, you can see your status; damage per hit, shield power, pet’s attack power.

6.) ⇒ Skills – Merge Star Guide

As you progress, your skills get unlocked and you can use them to slay down the boss. To activate a skill, head to the hammer section -> at the bottom left of the screen -> tap on your skill(you will see an exclamation mark when the skill is charged).

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So this is the simple guide for Merge Star game.

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