Maze Shadow Of Light Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Maze Shadow Of Light is a brand new action game for mobile by Thumbage. Check out our Maze Shadow Of Light guide, tips, cheats & strategy to strike down the elite monsters

Maze Shadow Of Light is now officially out worldwide and challenges you to build a powerful character class; assassin, sorceress, and warrior. The game features a variety of game modes; raid, PvP, story, maze, and many more. All the modes are very challenging; you have to power-up the character by upgrading its skill, weapon, armor, and followers. If you are having trouble understanding the game’s mechanics or winning the battles, we are here to help you. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a warrior, assassin or sorceress; Maze Shadow Of Light guide and Maze Shadow Of Light tips, cheats & strategy.

The Basics – Maze Shadow Of Light – Get Started

Maze Shadow Of LightBefore we dive into the tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. The very first step you have to do in Maze Shadow Of Light game is opting a character class. The game features three character classes; Assassin, Warrior, and Sorceress. We would recommend you to choose the warrior class as his partner’s skills are great. However, choosing a character class is not a problem. All you need to do is try all the character classes and stick to a class that suits your game style.

You can switch to a class/team anytime. On the main screen of the game, at the top-right corner, tap the menu button -> change team -> select a team/class/character -> confirm -> name it. So that’s all about character class.

It does not matter whether you have opted for the warrior/assassin/sorceress class, you will need to upgrade them as well as their partners. Each character has a partner. On the main screen, tap the hero button -> there you can see it. And in the battle, we can summon the partner by tapping its icon(on the top-right).

In Maze Shadow Of Light game, you start with the story mode and as you clear the stages, you will unlock new game modes; PvP, real-time PvP, Maze(earn runes, unseal scrolls), dimensional crack(Earn upgrade stones), raid(Earn follower fragments-rare fragments, cores), and more. Let’s head to the main Maze Shadow Of Light guide and then read our top Maze Shadow Of Light tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Maze Shadow Of Light Guide

In this part, we will learn about the rune, skills, relic, equipment, upgrade, follower, unseal scrolls, costumes. partner, crafting, gacha, and much more.

  • Rune Guide

Rune is an item that provides a powerful buff to the character. All the runes come with a special buff; for example; increase in defense. Depending on the rune’s buff, your character gains benefit. There are three types of runes; red, blue, and purple.

How to get? You can obtain runes by playing the Maze mode. World -> Maze. How to equip? You can equip up to three runes at a time. Go to the main screen -> hero button -> rune -> select a rune -> equip.

How to upgrade rune? Upgrading the rune increases its stats. For example; a rune is increasing your attack by 200. After the upgrade, its impact increase. All you need to do is go to the rune tab -> select the rune(make sure to select the top class rune as all the runes provide different bonuses) -> upgrade(select 5 same color runes).

Rune Fusion -> You can fuse three runes to get a higher grade rune. Go to the rune menu -> select an unequipped rune -> fusion -> select the runes -> confirm. You could get a high-grade rune upon fusing.

  • Relic and Unseal Scrolls

Maze Shadow Of LightFrom the maze mode, you could earn relic as a special reward. Since it is sealed, the player has to unseal it using the unseal scrolls. You can obtain unseal scrolls by playing the maze mode. You get unseal souls as a special reward(try to get three stars to increase chances). If you have both; relic and unseal scrolls, then use the unseal scroll to unseal the relic. From the relic, you could get a precious reward. Go to the world menu -> Maze -> Maze Of Illusions(or other) -> at the bottom-left corner, tap the relic icon -> unseal. There are five types of relics; old, ordinary, shiny, radiant, and mystic. Depending on the relic, you need unseal scroll. For example; to unseal shiny relic, you need shiny unseal scroll.

  • Follower

You can equip followers as well as send them on missions. The equipped follower will increase the character’s stats. And sending them on missions is one of the best ways to get free rewards in Maze Shadow Of Light game. How to get followers in Maze Shadow Of Light game? On the main screen of the game -> tap the side menu button(arrow icon, near hero option) -> gacha -> at the top-right side, head to the soulstone tab -> from there you can obtain follower fragments. Once you have enough, go to the hero menu -> follower -> tap that follower – summon.

You can obtain rare follower’s fragments by playing the raid mode.

  • Equipment And Cores

Equipment list –

  1. Helmet
  2. Armor
  3. Gloves
  4. Boots
  5. Weapon
  6. Necklace
  7. Decoration
  8. Ring

These items significantly impact the character’s power. Depending on the item grade, your character gets the benefit. For example; normal grade items are useless. Rare, ancient legendary grade items are worth upgrading. How to obtain these items? You can obtain these items from the chests(Complete the missions), story mode, in exchange for honor points(Earn from PvP mode, spend in the shop to get weapon/accessory/armor/soulstone/trophy chests).

How to level up these items. In Maze Shadow Of Light game, you need essence to enhance the gears/items(level up). You can obtain the essence from the story mode or craft from the material(maze mode, story mode). Or dismantle the useless items to get low purify essence.

How to upgrade? Reach the maximum level(+20) to upgrade. You need upgrade stones(item name) to upgrade the items. For example; to upgrade the accessory item, you need accessory upgrade stone. Play the challenge mode(dimensional crack) to obtain this item.

  1. Monday – Weapon Upgrade Stone
  2. Tuesday – Armor Upgrade Stone
  3. Wednesday – Accessory Upgrade Stone
  4. Thursday – Weapon
  5. Friday – Armor
  6. Saturday – Accessory
  7. Sunday – Gold/Lucky Red Pig


As mentioned above, In Maze Shadow Of Light game, each character has a partner. You can increase the partner’s stats by equipping the cores. How to get cores? Play the raid mode. You can further enhance the cores(As you enhance weapon) using the core stones(protection, enchanting). Play the raid mode to obtain these items.

  • Crafting Guide

Maze Shadow Of LightYou can craft almost every item in Maze Shadow Of Light game. Tap the side menu(arrow icon, near hero option, on the main screen) -> choose the craft option. On the next screen, you can check the items(Weapon, armors, accessories, materials, recipes, skill books) you can craft. For example; to learn new skills, you need a skill book. You can craft skill book using skill page. You can obtain the crafting material by playing the maze mode or from the chests. Or simply tap the item to know how to obtain. You can craft PvP set equipment using steel.

  • Maze Shadow Of Light Skill Guide

Maze Shadow Of Light follows the same skill system which can be found in any other game. Your character has two types of skills; active and passive. Active skills are unleashed by you in the battle by tapping the skill icon. And passive skill boosts the character’s stats automatically. By default, your character has active skills. Go to the hero menu -> skill -> passive -> use the gold to activate the passive skill.

To upgrade the active skills, you need SP(Skill Points). Level up to earn skill points. Keep in mind that you can switch to the partner in the battle and the partner has also active skills; so don’t forget to upgrade partner’s skills.

Skill 2/Combined Skill – Activate the active skill to trigger it. Survival; There are two survival skills; evasion, Block. Evasion skill lets you dodge the enemy attack. Block skill reduces the damage. We would recommend you to choose Evasion as it helps you to dodge the boss’s attack.

  • Costume

The costume is another in-game item, used in increasing the character’s stats. Obtain it from the chests(complete missions, achievements) or as a reward from the story mode.

So this is the Maze Shadow Of Light guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out the Maze Shadow Of Light tips, cheats & strategy guide to master the game.

Maze Shadow Of Light Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

1.) Dismantle The Useless Items For Essence

If you have lots of items in the inventory, then it would be better to dismantle instead of selling. Dismantling an item gives you essence. You can use essence to upgrade the rare/high-rank item. Go to the equipment menu -> tap the useless item -> choose to dismantle -> confirm.

2.) Pay Attention To The Requests To Get Runes

If you have followers(read the follower guide above), then make sure to send them on missions. You get free rewards by completing the pending requests. On the main screen, tap the arrow icon(near hero option) -> choose the request option -> select a request -> assign the followers -> start the request.

3.) Exchange The Event Points For Chests

During the event period, you earn event points by playing the raid, Maze, dimensional crack, arena/PvP mode. You can exchange these points for the chests. Tap the arrow icon(near the hero option) -> choose the event option -> point exchange -> confirm. We would recommend you to go for the tier 4 equipment strongbox.

4.) Rotate To Pass Cooldown Time

In the battle, if you are low on HP, then rotate or roam around the enemy(try to dodge the enemy as much as you can) and wait until the cooldown period ends(skill).

5.) Power Up The Characters

  1. Enhance the equipment items
  2. Upgrade the equipment items
  3. Equip followers
  4. Equip runes
  5. Upgrade runes
  6. Upgrade active skills
  7. Activate passive skills; offensive as well as defensive
  8. Equip cores to the partner
  9. Equip the costumes
  10. Upgrade the costumes

6.) Pay Attention To The Grade

Maze Shadow Of LightWe would recommend you to not upgrade the normal items too much as they would not help you in the long run. Focus on high-rank items; magic, rare, heroic, legendary or ancient. You can check the grade of an item by tapping it -> just above its name.

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