Garena Contra: Return Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Garena Contra: Return is a brand new side-scrolling game for mobile by Garena Games. Check out our Garena Contra: Return guide, tips, cheats & strategy

CONTRA IS BACK! Garena, the creators of popular battle royale game Free Fire has just released the Contra: Return for mobile. The game featured a wide range of game modes; Endless, duo, PvP, Arena, story-mode, challenges, boss battles, and much more. This side-scrolling game also features a variety of characters, all with the special skills, and game style. Controls are easy to handle, graphics are awesome, stages are challenging! If you are having trouble defeating the powerful mechs, bosses, aliens, we are here to help you. In today’s post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a rookie shooter – Garena Contra: Return guide and Garena Contra: Return tips, cheats & strategies to strike down the enemies in all game modes.


Let’s learn the basics first and then we will head to the tips, cheats & strategies. It’s all about the weapons and how you dodge or save yourself from the enemy attacks. That’s it. You will face elite aliens in hard modes, powerful players in the PvP as you progress through the game. First, you must master the controls; switch to sub-gun at the right time, jump, double jump, go prone, use weapon’s skills at the right time, move wisely. And it should not be a problem. The next thing is the quality of the weapon. Garena Contra: Return game features many weapons; Assault rifles, sniper rifles, launchers, flamethrower, machine gun, cannons, and more.

Garena Contra: ReturnYou will have to upgrade, enhance, evolve the weapons to increase the firepower. The firepower determines your strength. The player can equip up to two guns and choose only one fighter for the fight(3 in PvP, switch to anyone). Ammo is unlimited, but reloading takes time. So the player is advised to pick up the best gun combo(best two guns) and switch to each other to keep shooting.


In order to increase the Firepower, you have to power up the weapons. For different upgrades, you need different items. Here’s the weapon powering up guide and item farming guide for weapon enhancement: –

  • Upgrading – EXP Card

To upgrade or level up a weapon, you need EXP card. These EXP cards come in different qualities: –

  1. White – Gives 50 EXP
  2. Green – Gives 150 EXP
  3. Blue – Grants 500 EXP
  4. Purple EXP Card – Gives 1500 EXP
  5. Gold EXP Card – Gives 5000 EXP

You can obtain these EXP cards from story mode, daily mode, duel matches, PvP, missions, and in the shop in exchange for diamonds. High-quality upgrade cards give more EXP to the weapon and let you level up it fast. You will need high-quality upgrade cards later when you obtain high-quality weapons. The reason is when you start the game, you will get blue color(B-Rank) weapons. But later, as you play the game, you will get purple and gold color weapons(S-Rank). At that time, your blue color or B-Rank weapon will be at a high level. And in order to play with S-Rank or A-Rank weapons at a higher level, you will have to upgrade them asap. So we would recommend you to save high-quality upgrade cards for high-rank weapons.


Enhancing is different from upgrading system. Upon upgrading, you only increase the firepower. But when you enhance the weapon, you will increase all the attributes: Attack, Critical Hit Rate, HP, and firepower. You can check the enhancement level at the top-right corner of the weapon’s icon. To enhance, you need these items; Scope, Magazine, Module, Barrel. You can obtain these items from the story mode stages; repeat the stages to get these items in more numbers.


In Garena Contra: Return, evolving the weapon makes it more powerful and unbeatable. Like upgrading, enhancing, evolving also increases the firepower. But in addition to the firepower, it unlocks weapon mod(special skill), increases the star level. Go to the weapon menu and head to the evolve section.

At the bottom-right corner, you can check the number of weapon fragments required to evolve it. Tap the + button to know the exact location of its fragments. You can obtain the fragments from challenge mode(boss challenge, endless mode, PvP mode, arena, and in the shop). Read the guide below for more info.


Weapon Mods unlock when you evolve the weapon. These mods provide different boosts to the player. For example; Quick reload makes the reloading faster, critical mastery increases the chances of critical hits, melee dagger activates when the enemy is close. For each weapon, you have different weapon mods. You can upgrade these mods and increase the boost effect using gold coins. To know about it, tap its icon.


In Garena Contra: Return, weapon’s quality can be checked by pointing out its rank:-

  1. SS – Legendary, But Best Weapons(Gold)
  2. S-Rank – Very Rare, Good Weapons(Gold or Purple)
  3. A-Rank – Rare(Purple)
  4. B-Rank – Uncommon(Blue)
  5. C-Rank – Common(Green)
  6. D-Rank – Useless(White)


Usually, you don’t get the weapon directly. You have to collect its fragments in order to unlock it. Go to the weapon menu -> head to the weapon catalog -> there you can check the list of weapons featured in Contra: Return game. Tap on a weapon to visit the profile page. On that screen, at the bottom, tap the obtain fragment button to know the exact location.

Here’s how you can farm weapon fragments: –

  1. Play PvP mode to get sniper weapon chest
  2. Win in the arena mode, collect PK Coins, spend in the mode shop for weapon fragments
  3. Defeat boss in the boss mode for fragments
  4. Clear stages in the endless mode
  5. Classic Duo mode
  6. Complete event missions


Garena Contra: ReturnIn case you have unlocked many heroes and don’t know who is the best hero or fighter in Contra: Return, then these tips will help you:

  1. Check the stats chart
  2. Check the bonus effect
  3. Depending on the skill

All the heroes featured in Garena Contra: Return have different stats; speed, damage, HP(Health), and more. Go to the hero menu and go to its profile page. On the right side of the screen, you can check the hero’s stats. Compare the stats of all the heroes and pick the best one. High HP means more time on the battlefield.

If the hero has high mobility points, then you will be able to dodge enemy attacks easily because of fast speed. Heroes with high damage power would be good against the boss.

And don’t forget to check the bonus a hero get upon awakening.

Like stats, all the heroes have different skills. When choosing a hero, you should pay attention to these skills as the skill’s power matters a lot when fighting against the hordes of enemies and the boss.


To unlock a hero, you need to gather its fragments by playing the game. Usually, you get hero fragments in the story mode stages, event mode and in the shop.


Awakening the hero increases its attributes or stats; HP, Attack, defense, and more, To awaken, you need duplicate fragments of that hero.


Another option on hero’s profile menu is of skins. You can unlock new hero skins and increase the charisma. As you increase it, hero’s attribute(HP, ATK, DEF) will increase. To unlock a skin, you need two items; activation card and charm crystal, Charm crystals can be obtained in one life mode. And to obtain the activation card, participate in skin events(not available all the time).


In Garena Contra: Return, you can increase the hit points, defense, attack attributes by equipping the equipment. On the main screen, at the bottom, tap the backpack option -> in the equip tab, you can check all the equipment you have. Tap and choose to equip. How to get equipment? Play the classic duo mode or get from the shop.

You can upgrade the equipment using an item named quantum chip. How to obtain? Play the duo mode, boss challenges, events, from the shop. Additionally, by destroying the low-rank equipment, you can obtain this item.


  1. Fragments – To unlock weapons, heroes
  2. World Chat Speaker – Use it to chat
  3. Revival Coins – Used in the duo mode to respawn
  4. Nuclear Batteries – To upgrade the super weapons
  5. Alloy – Evolving material
  6. EXP Card – To upgrade weapons
  7. Pet Training Card – To train pets(Pet feature unlocks at level 40)
  8. Quantum Chip – To upgrade equipment
  9. Gene Points – To upgrade genes


The diamond is one of the premium-in game currencies in Garena Contra: Return. You can get it by completing the daily missions, main missions, from the PvP chests, as arena rank reward, from the events.


We would recommend you to focus on the daily missions and main missions to progress fast. The reason is the game grants you a massive amount of EXP when you complete these missions. Additionally, these missions will lead you to the best progressing path.

So that’s all for Garena Contra: Return guide. Let’s read our top Garena Contra: Return tips, cheats & strategies.

Garena Contra: Return Tips & Tricks:

1.) Focus On The “BEST” Damage, Mobility Weapons

As mentioned above, In this game, the quality and stats of the weapon matter a lot. So we would recommend you to focus on A-Rank or S-Rank or higher and the weapon with high damage+mobility stats. In the challenging mode, especially in the 1v1 Hero Battlefield mode, you will need powerful weapons to get the victory.

2.) Destroy The Clutter For Resources/Material

If you have low-rank weapons or equipment, then it would be better to destroy them. You can extract the weapons for EXP cards and dismantle the equipment for quantum chips. Go to the weapon menu -> select the low-rank or useless weapon -> extract. Go to backpack -> dismantle -> select the equipment.

3.) Raid To Get Instant Rewards

In the story mode, make sure to complete each stage in three-stars. You can raid on the stages(completed in 3*) for instant rewards. Raiding will cost you stamina. Stamina regenerated gradually over time. You can claim free stamina in the laboratory at the due time. On the right side of the screen, tap the event option -> laboratory -> here you can claim free stamina daily every certain amount of time.

4.) Earn 100 Activity Points For The Special Reward

You earn activity points by completing the daily missions. On certain collection; 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100, you get rewards. The last reward would be a special chest and it grants thousands of gold coins, blue EXP card, and 20 diamonds. Make sure to earn 100 points daily and fill up the diamond treasure.

5.) Earn, Spend, And Obtain Fragments

Arena mode is one of the easy game modes in Garena Contra: Return. In this mode, you have to challenge a player with less firepower(than yours). The battle in this mode is automatic and can be skipped instantly. From this game mode, you earn PK points. Spend these points in the shop menu for weapon fragments. Make sure to challenge the player with low firepower. You can check yours on the main screen, at the top-left corner of the screen.

6.) Pay Close Attention To The Events

Premium in-game items, fragments can be earned through event missions. Make sure to pay close attention to these events and don’t miss any chance of obtaining precious items.

7.) Use The Super Weapon At The Right Time

You can use the super weapon once in a fight. So make sure to use it at the right time! When fighting against the boss or when situations are out of control. Don’t forget to upgrade it.

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