Dawn Of Isles Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Dawn Of Isles is a popular MMO Adventure game for Android and iOS by NetEase Games. Let’s have a look at Dawn Of Isles guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Welcome, Islanders! In today’s post, we will guide you to all the basic aspects of Dawn Of Isles game, published by NetEase Games, on App Store and Google Play Store. The game features four character classes, loads of game modes, fun-tastic adventurous gameplay, and there are loads of things to explore, hunt, craft, build. At the start of the game, the In-game character, Gugu, guides to the very basic things such as controls, crafting, quests, combat, and more. As you progress through the game, new functions will get unlocked and you will have loads of things to do manually. Let’s head to the Dawn Of Isles guide and Dawn Of Isles tips, cheats & strategies to master it!

Dawn Of Isles Guide⇓

The Basics – Character Guide – Classes, Level Up, Combat Power, Stats, Title, and MoreDawn Of Isles

⇒As mentioned before, there are four character classes in Dawn Of Isles game; Fighter, Ranger, Dancer, and Warmage. The very first thing that you will have to do is to pick a character class. The role of character matters a lot. Before you choose a character class, you should pay attention to its stats and know its role.

We have made it easy for you: –

  1. Fighter Class – Fighter is a melee type character. He uses Axe, Sword as a weapon. He is good at dealing damage as well as protecting allies. His attack stats are pretty good, the defense is better than all other classes. So if you choose this character, you can play as a tank(lead from the front) or DPS(melee).
  2. Ranger – The name of the class says everything. She uses long-ranged weapons such as longbow, crossbow to inflict damage to the enemies. Unlike Fighter, Ranger is not good in protecting allies. Her role is to deal as much damage as possible. Another great positive side is she has good agility stats. She can move fast as compared to the Fighter.
  3. Dancer – Dancer is one of the best character classes in Dawn Of Isles. If you want to play as a character who can heal the allies or having healing ability, then this one would be the best choice. But, she has no good defensive stats. So it would be better to take help of the tank units when playing as a team in a dungeon or other game modes. Attack stats are average. A good support unit with average attack stats. Weapons – Staff, Twinfan
  4. Warmage – Another melee character who uses blades, lance as a primary weapon to crush the enemies. His attack stats and agility stats are quite similar to the Ranger class.

You can try each character(4/account). All you need to do is select the character after you hit the start button to log in. To change the character while in-game, tap the menu button at the top-right corner -> settings -> switch character. All the classes use a different weapon, have unique skills, and stats. Choose the character that suits you; if you want to be a support unit, pick Dancer. For high damage, choose Ranger or Warmage. For Tank or Defense unit, choose Fighter. It’s totally up to you.

Level Up – Dawn Of Isles⇓

At the bottom of the game screen, pay attention to the yellow color EXP bar. It displays your progress to the next level. To grind EXP, we would recommend you to complete the main quests, side quests, taskboard quest, gather RSS, kill beasts. It’s a good idea to follow the quests from the beginning. But, as you progress, main quests will require a certain level to do. In this case, you will have to rely on other EXP sources such as task board quests, gathering RSS, killing the enemies, side quests.

Combat Power Increasing Tips⇓

You will need to increase the combat power as you progress through the game. The combat power shows how good is your character in the combat/battles. At the upper-left corner, tap the character name -> here you can see the combat power. Combat Power is determined by a number of factors: –

  • Character Level
  • Equipment
  • Skill Level
  • Attributes
  • Training Level

You can obtain a high-quality weapon from the world boss mode(tap the adventure button at the top-right -> daily -> world boss), from the dungeons. Or as you progress through the quests, you will get free equipment/gears; weapon, helmet, armor, pants, boots, ring, and pendant.

Skills -> Tap the menu button at the top-right corner of the game screen -> skills -> here you can upgrade the weapon skills. It will cost you feat and a certain amount of coins. You get feat from the feat scrolls. Feat scrolls can be obtained from the market, from the game modes; elemental realm, sage trials, time-limited events, pier loading, task board quests, tribe modes.

Training -> Menu -> skills -> training. Here you can spend coins, honor points, training scrolls to train the character.

Title Guide⇓

The title displays above the head of the character. You can earn more titles by completing the achievements. Tap the character name at the upper-left corner -> tap the feather type button next to title box. There you can find all the titles and unlock requirement.

Hotbar Adjustments⇓

At the bottom of the game screen, you can access to the items in the Hotbar. You can adjust it according to your need. There are two Hotbars, tap the 1/2 numbers to switch. To adjust the items, go to the character profile (tap the name at the top-left)-> warehouse -> tap the Hotbar button ->tap the item -> add. To remove the item, tap the (-). And, to switch from one Hotbar to another; tap+hold and drag.

Dawn Of Isles – Character Stats⇓

  • HP – You can see the HP at the top-left corner(near the name). It displays the health points. If you hit 0, you will die and resurrect.
  • SP – You need SP to use the weapon skills. The blue bar just below the HP bar displays the SP. You can check it in character profile.
  • Vigor – To craft/build/cook items, you need Vigor. You can obtain Vigor recovery items from the event modes or as a sign-in reward. For example; You can get small vigor Ham from fishing derby mode(event), which restores 50 Vigor.
  • Attack/Total HP/Spell/Crit/Hit/DEF – These stats are determined by the equipment.

So this is the Dawn Of Isles basic character guide for the beginners. Let’s head to the more guides!

Dawn Of Isles – Grinding, Exploring, Home Island⇓

Dawn Of IslesEvery player in Dawn Of Isles game gets its own Island where he/she build loads of facilities to craft/build/produce/cook a variety of items. For example; Lumber Mill produces Breezewood, Quarry produces sand rock. To build/craft/cook the items using these buildings, you need materials/resources, which you gather from other open Islands. Let’s learn in detail: –

Dawn Of IslesExploring and Grinding – To gather the resources, you will have to visit the open Islands. At the top-left, tap the mini-map -> at the bottom-left, tap world -> here you can choose an Island where you want to visit. Select an Island -> tap the (i) icon at the bottom-right to learn the map symbol means -> tap on any area to teleport there or move there. Some grinding tools: –

  • Logging AXE – to chop the trees for wood
  • Mining Pick – to mine rocks
  • Sickle – to cut the bushes for fruits
  • Skinning Shiv – to gather the Hide, Shells, and Raw meat from the beasts. Kill the bests -> go close to their body -> tap the skinning shiv tool icon at the bottom-right to gather beast mats
  • Fishing Rod – to fish

You can craft all these gathering tools at home island, using the crafting bench.

Home Island – At the top-right -> tap the home button -> tap the map area to teleport to Home Island. Open the mini-map once you reach the home island -> on the map, you can check all the buildings. Tap on anyone to visit there. The main building in Dawn Of Islands is the Deity Altar. To raise the maximum level of buildings, you will need to upgrade it. Go there -> interact with it(tap the message icon at the bottom-right) -> manage deity altar -> tap the upgrade button at the top-right -> upgrade.

Home Island Buildings/Tools⇓

  • Deity Altar – The main building. Upgrade it to raise the level cap of other buildings
  • Task Board – accept the quests and earn loads of EXP to level up fast
  • Cooking Pot – Cook food items(to get buff)
  • Crafting Bench – Craft tools, flasks, and other things
  • Greenhouse – Produces fruit – upgrade it to produce more
  • Quarry – Produces sand rock – upgrade it to produce more
  • Lumber Mill – Produces Breezewood – upgrade it to produce mode
  • Trading Pier – Trade RSS for EXP, coins, and other items
  • Home Farmland – Buy seed from the NPC -> sow seed -> plant crops
  • Vacant Slot – Build more structures
  • Construction Yard – Produces planks, bricks
  • Furnace – Produces Ingots
  • Textile Mile – Produces glue, clothes
  • Hunter’s Lodge – Produces leather, chitin
  • Crafter’s Hut – Unlocks more crafting items formulas
  • Kitchen – Discover more dishes

So this is the Dawn Of Isles guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our Dawn Of Isles tips, cheats & strategies!

Dawn Of Isles Tips & Tricks⇓

1.) Grind Loads Of EXP To Level Up Fast

If you want to level up fast, then gathering RSS, killing beasts would not help you. To level up fast, focus on completing these activities; complete the taskboard quests, play adventure mode, trade items at home Island. Task Board quest – you can accept these quests from the task board at the home Island. Adventure mode – tap the adventure button at the upper-right side -> play these game modes daily to grind loads of amount of EXP. Trade Items -> At home Island, visit the trading pier -> supply the RSS to earn a large amount of EXP. So these are some tips to level up fast in Dawn Of Isles game.

2.) Farm In The Adventure Modes

There are a number of things that you will need to make the character more powerful. You should play these modes daily to farm these items: –

  1. Elemental Realm – EXP, Coins, Feat, Pet Training Manuals, Map Fragment
  2. World Boss – EXP, Gold, Map Fragment, Rebirth Stone, Epic Equipment
  3. Sage Trials – Trial Points, Various Gems, Feat Scrolls, Infusion Powder, Epic Equipment
  4. Events – Flowers, Tomes, EXP, Feat Scrolls, Vigor Rec., Merit Pts, Infusion Powder, Map Fragment, Arcane Shards
  5. Tribe – Training Scrolls, Vigor Rec., Honor
  6. Dungeon – Weapons, Gears

3.) Join An Active Tribe

After joining a tribe, you can access to the tribe modes and earn precious items such as training scrolls, honor, senior tome, and much more. Additionally, you can access to tribe exclusive buildings, which provide more benefits. So it’s better to join an active tribe as soon as possible.

4.) Make The Character Powerful

  • Find better gears in the adventure mode; dungeon, world boss, sage trials
  • Level up the character
  • Upgrade the character skills
  • Train

Read the characters guide above for more detail!

5.) Automate The Recovery!

When you are out of combat, your character automatically recovers the HP, SP, and same applies to the pet. There is a set amount of reserve that you can fill over time to enjoy this feature throughout the game. Tap the character name at the upper-left corner -> at the bottom-right side, tap food storage -> tap the + button next to HP recovery/SP recovery items to fill the reserve.

6.) Upgrade The Buildings At Home Island

Don’t forget to upgrade the buildings at home Island to progress fast.

So these are some basic Dawn Of Isles tips for beginners. We will cover the guide, equipment, and other things in the next guides. If you have more tips to share, feel free to comment below 🙂

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