Blustone Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Blustone is one of the best clicker games for Android, featuring cute Anime characters. Check out our Blustone guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Blustone, Anime ARPG by VisualShower Corp. is among top best clicker games for Android on Google Play Store. Unlike other clicker games, Blustone is not boring. With a decent story-line, amazing characters, casual gameplay, and lots of game modes, Blustone tops the rank in clicker genre. From action-packed clicker battles to fishing and exploring, Blustone game features all kind of modes that a game wants. Today, in this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Blustone guide and Blustone tips, cheats & strategy.

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Basics – Blustone Game – How To Play Guide⇓

Well, the game offers a decent tutorial to the newbies and it’s enough to get started. But having basic knowledge of the game’s mechanics helps a lot. In this part, we will learn the Blustone basics. Basically, In Blustone game, you have to build a team of hunters; you can add four best hunters to the team. The battle system is Idle; hunter attacks the enemies automatically. The player can increase the speed of attacks by tapping on the screen. You can deploy only one hunter on the battlefield to fight against the monsters.

BlustoneIf low on health, replace it with another team member. As you hit the enemy, skill gauge gets increased. When full, the player can cast the hunter’s skill to deal massive damage or to heal allies. In the first phase of the game, you battle in adventure mode and clear stages. As you clear more, your level will go up and new/additional/unlocked game modes will be accessible. These new game modes or features include; fight club, trade, equipment, fishing, exploring, Mirage Ruins, and more. Fight Club is like PvP arena in which you fight against other teams to rank-up on league’s leaderboard.

In summary; You play as a captain! Your objective is to build a strong team of hunters or characters. So this is the basic Blustone guide for the beginners. Now, let’s head to the ultimate Blustone guide and after it, read our top Blustone tips, cheats!

Blustone Guide⇓

In this part, we will learn about the hunters/characters, skill, training, game modes, items, PvP, recruitment, and much more. Read all the parts to master this Anime Clicker ARPG game.

Blustone Characters Guide⇓

As mentioned above, we can choose up to four hunters for the battle; in PvE as well as PvP, so it would be better to pay attention to the best four characters only. You will get 2-3* hunters in the beginning after completing the initial chapters. Focus on upgrading them and use low-quality characters as a material. Let’s start the characters guide: –

How To Get More Hunters Or Characters?

You can recruit hunters using Manda or recruitment scrolls. Manda is a premium currency, can be obtained by completing the goals. Recruitment scroll is a common item, can be obtained from the story missions, events, by completing goals, from the rupee shop, and hidden shop.

To recruit the hunters, go to the town(swipe up, main screen). After it, head to the suspicious shop(get the hunters) and there you will find a mouse; choose the option; Kidnap, No, I mean I want to recruit. From there you can recruit hunters or get hunter traces.

Hunter Traces Guide!

You can unlock hunters by collecting enough hunter traces. For example; to unlock Wind Blade, you need 160 Windblade Hunter Traces. In other games, this item is called as fragments or shards. Go to the main screen of the game -> tap the menu button(bottom-right corner) -> then head to the inventory option. There you can check the list of items you have including hunter traces. After gathering enough traces, you can unlock or collect that hunter.

Hunter Types: –

  • Offense – This type of characters are good at fighting as they can use the skill outside the airship
  • Defense – This type of characters’ defense stats are very good.
  • Support – Helps allies by restoring their health or increasing the strength; unleash the skill inside the airship
  • Bomber – Explodes the bomb to deal massive damage. Can be used from the airship(inside).

Hunters or Characters List: –

Go to the menu and head to the hunter library. There you can check the list of characters featured in Blustone game. The list is divided into four types; offense, defense, support, and bomber. You can also check how many hunter traces are required to unlock a specific hunter/character.

How To Increase The Strength Of Hunters In Blustone Game?

It’s very easy. All you need to do is go to the hunter gym and start the training. Here’s the detailed guide on Blustone game’s training mechanics.

  • Training Guide

Go to the town and head to the hunter gym. There you will meet a gym trainer. Choose the option; I’d like to get stronger. After it, the game will show you the list of hunters you have. Select the hunter you want to train. On the next screen, you will get these options: –

  1. Normal Train
  2. Skill Training
  3. Transcendence
  4. Equipment Upgrade

Let’s learn about all: –

Normal Training: – In this type of training, you can select any hunter as a material and increase the power of base hunter. Keep in mind that hunter used as the material will disappear after training.

Transcendence: – You can increase the power of a hunter by a massive amount by using this type of training. In this type, you have to select two identical characters; of 3* or above. Read the recruitment guide above to know how to get hunters.

Advanced: – When a hunter reaches the maximum level, you can try advanced training. Use the other hunters as material to take benefit of advanced training. This will rank-up your hunter(i.e. you have 2* hunter, reach the maximum level and do advanced training to transform into 3*).

Skill training: – You can upgrade the hunter’s skills here.

Equipment Guide – Weapons, armor, and accessories are three types of equipment. To increase the attack power, upgrade weapons. Upgrade armor to increase defense stats. Enhance accessory items to increase HP stats. Jewels: – It is used to enhance the stats of equipment. How to get jewels? Play the game mode; Hunter’s Search(challenges -> I’m here to search for missing hunters -> search).

  • Fishing Guide

Main screen -> cruise -> choose fishing option. In Blustone game, you can catch fish and sell them for coins. First of all, you need to select the bait; average or high-quality. After it, tap the throw button(pay attention to the gauge’s meter to aim; near or far). Once done, wait until you see some wobbles. Hit the pull button. Tap the screen to pull and get the fish(Pay attention to the fury meter, if it’s green, then keep tapping. If it’s red, then stop tapping).

How to sell fish in Blustone Game?

Go to the main screen -> tap the menu button -> inventory -> head to the fish tab and tap the fish -> sell. Also, see – Best fishing games for Android

  • Game Modes Guide: –

1.) Fight Club

First of all, set up the defense. Go to the fight club menu -> choose this option; I want to prepare my defense team. After it, select the team members. Other players will fight against this team. Similarly, you can fight against other players’ team; go to the fight club and choose; let the games begin! Enter the arena and begin the battle. It cost you challenge tickets(you get free every day). Win battles to rank up. Build a great defense team to earn more league points. If you lose in challenge or in defense, you will lose league points. So make sure to pay attention to both sides.

2.) Hunter’s Search

From this mode, you can obtain hunter traces. Main screen -> challenge -> search for missing hunters.

3.) Abyss, Exploration

From this mode, you can obtain materials and metron Abyss. Main screen -> challenge -> abyss.

4.) Mirage Ruins

Find rare items here; complete the stages and get precious items from here.

5.) Cruise Mode

Complete the chapters and earn in-game items such as scrolls, rupee, materials, and more.

Also, see – Best offline games for Android 

So this is a short Blustone game guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out our Blustone tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Blustone Tips and Cheats⇓

#1.) Must Include A Supporter In Your Team

Supporter characters can heal allies’ HP. Since you can add up to four characters to the team; then make sure to add a healer/supporter character. Deploy the offense character in the first slot and hit enemies, charge the skill meter and use healer/supporter’s healing skill to restore the HP of the offense character. Here’s how to build a perfect team in the Blustone game: –

  • One offense character – to attack enemies
  • Defense type character – when offense type character low on health, replace him/her with the defense type character
  • Supporter – To heal partner’s HP
  • Bomber or One More Offense type Character – For fighting

#2.) Save Manda And Recruit Hunters

You can use Manda to restore the fuel, to get rupee, fragments, toolbox, materials, and more. We would recommend you to save Manda. Use this rare item to recruit high-quality hunters.

#3.) Aim Wisely To Get Bonus

BlustoneWhen recruiting with Manda, you have to pull the mouse. Shoot on the bonus point to get better results. Where is the bonus area or point? There would be a glowing or shining object; that’s your target!

#4.) Get Better Deals From Market

In Blustone, you can grab useful items in exchange for in-game currencies; rupee, fight chips(you earn by defeating opponents in the fight club mode), mirage fragments(play mirage ruins mode), lottery mouse coin. Visit the market menu in the game to check deals. How to obtain lottery mouse coin? To obtain this item, you need to release 3* Hunter(go to suspicious shop/mouse -> choose this option; I want to release a teammate -> select the hunter). To spend lottery mouse coin, go to the market and head to the last tab; secret shop. From this shop, you can buy premium items such as 3* transcend ticket(Can be used in replace of a 3* hunter in transcending).

#5.) Pay Attention To The Recruitment Mileage

As you recruit hunters, the lottery mouse gives you mileage points. After gaining enough, you will get a recruitment scroll; go to the mouse’s suspicious shop -> at the bottom of that screen -> tap the mileage option.

#6.) Take Elemental Advantage

There would be an elemental sign on the hunter’s portrait; fire, ice, and lightning. This sign determines the element of the hunter. Here’s how to take advantage: –

  • Deploy Fire type hunter against lightning type monster to get the benefit
  • Ice-type hunter against fire
  • Lightning-type against Ice

So these are some basic Blustone tips, cheats & a strategy guide for beginners.

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