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Azur Lane is a new 2D-Side Scrolling game for Android and iOS. Check out our Azur Lane guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

Azur Lane is finally out for Android and iOS and challenges you to build a strong fleet by adding the best shipgirls. Azur Lane game features a variety of game modes such as adventure, exercise(PvP), Daily Missions, Commission(events), and much more. It also features a wide range of characters; known as shipgirls. And Today, In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Azur Lane guide and Azur Lane tips, cheats & strategy to destroy the enemy fleet easily.

Basics – Walkthrough Guide – How To Play Azur Lane!

Azur LaneIn this part, we will learn the basic aspects of the game. In Azur Lane game, your main objective is to build the powerful fleet. The player can select up to six shipgirls in Azur Lane game. These shipgirls attack the enemies automatically. But you have full control over them; using the joystick control, we can dodge the enemy attacks. Read the shipgirls guide below to know more. After the naval battle, the game rewards you EXP points. These points are gain by shipgirls as well. After gaining a certain amount of EXP, you and your shipgirls will level up. Along with the EXP points, the game also rewards as a bunch of items such as material, cubes, design, and much more. So that’s the basic of Azur Lane game. Let’s start the walkthrough guide: –

Get Started With Azur Lane Basics⇓

Azur Lane game starts with a tutorial in which a shipgirl teaches you how to play the game. After the tutorial, you have to choose a starter shipgirl; you have three options: Z23, Laffey, and Javelin. What’s the best starter shipgirl? We would recommend you choose Javelin or Laffey. Among all these, as per our details, Javelin’s drop rate is low.

After it, you build the ship and start the journey from the adventure mode. At the beginning of Azur Lane game, most of the game modes such as commission, exercise, daily missions are locked. As you level up, these feature gets unlocked(at level 15). In the adventure mode, you complete the chapters; and in each chapter, you battle against a group of enemies. Defeat the boss in the boss stage to unlock a new chapter.

There’s a catch; for example; in a chapter, on a specific level, suppose, your shipgirl loses 50% of HP(health). Now, when you play the next level, that shipgirl’s HP will be the same(left off, in the last stage). And if you lose all the characters in the battle, you will have to start the chapter from start. Just keep in mind you have to complete the boss stage to move on. You can play it even if you have not completed the normal levels of that chapter. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

The Real Battle⇓

Initial levels are very easy; you can even win without controlling the shipgirls. But as you progress or head to the new chapters, the difficulty level will increase by a lot. And when you feel it’s tough; you will head to the upgrade part. And for starters, it would be difficult to figure out whom to upgrade or whom to ignore. Read the guide and tips part below for more information.

Another complex part is equipment and fleet formation; how it works? What is ship class; DD, CL, CA, BB, CV, CVL? And what is a repair ship? Let’s dive into the ultimate Azur Lane guide and then head to the Azul Lane tips, cheats & strategy guide part! Also, see -> Best action games for Android

Azur Lane Guide⇓

In this part, we have explained almost everything you need to know; shipgirls, equipment, fleet formation, game modes, academy, design, skills, repairing/healing/healer, building the ship, ship class, and much more. Make sure to read all to master this naval battle game.

Azur Lane Guide To Shipgirls⇓

Shipgirls are the main characters in Azur Lane game. You can use low-rank shipgirls as the material to upgrade the high-rank shipgirls. As mentioned above, we can choose up to 6 shipgirls in the fleet. And all those will gain EXP after the battle. Let’s learn step by step: –

How To Get Shipgirls In Azur Lane Game?

There are a number of ways to obtain shipgirls; complete the quests and obtain fragments. In the adventure mode, complete the chapters to obtain shipgirls. And you can build the ships using wisdom cube. Let’s learn how to build the shipgirl: –

Building The Shipgirl;

You can build three types of ships/shipgirls: –

  1. Light – (Low armor strength)
  2. Heavy – (Best armor strength)
  3. Special

On The Basis Of Rarity: –

  1. R – Rare(51% chances)
  2. SR – Super Rare(or SSR)(7% chances)
  3. Elite(12% chances)
  4. Common(30% chances)

Go to the main screen -> at the bottom-right side, tap the build option. Choose a type; light/heavy/special. And hit the build button. It cost you wisdom cube and coins(you can easily acquire these in-game items by playing the adventure/chapter mode). This will take the time. You can use an item; quick finisher to get the result instantly. By default, you have dozens of quick finisher(use wisely). After it, go to the dock section to check its stats. And there is one more thing; whenever you get a character; the game asks you to lock it. If you confirm, then you will not be able to use that girl as a material. You can unlock it any time from its profile page.

So this is how you obtain shipgirls in Azur Lane game. Let’s learn the class guide.

Azur Lane Guide To Ship Classes⇓

  1. LC – Light Cruiser
  2. CA – Heavy Cruiser
  3. BB/BC – Battleship/Cruiser
  4. DD – Destroyer
  5. CV – Aircraft Carrier
  6. CVL – Light Aircraft Carrier

If it is going out of the brain, then ignore. We have a better explanation for you. First of all, if you go to the dock -> tap the character -> just left side of its name; you can check the class. And on the dock screen, at the top-right corner of the character’s icon, you can check the class symbol.

What’s the point? 

Basically, it helps you in guessing the stats of the character. Here are the details: –

  • CV and CVL – This character class(es) use fighter planes to attack the enemies(mostly). And In Azur Lane game, characters of this class have good HP(Health) stats
  • BB/BC – Battleship class characters; they also have good HP stats. They use the anti-air weapon. Their power(deal damage by the main gun) stats are also good
  • DD – Destroyer class; characters of this class have good speed stats and they use torpedo weapons. [Low power, HP]
  • LC/CA – Light Cruiser or Heavy Cruiser – Average Class. Normal stats(+ points when equipped with anti-air weapons).

How To Increase The Stats Of Shipgirls In Azur Lane?

There are a number of ways to upgrade the shipgirls in Azur Lane game: –

  1. Level Up
  2. Enhance
  3. Equip Gears
  4. Limit Break

Let’s learn about all: –

Azur Lane Guide To Level Up⇓

To increase the level of shipgirls, add them to your fleet and get victories. Upon the victory, shipgirls will gain EXP and after gaining a certain amount of experience points, their level will go up. Same with the player level. Or play commission mode


Enhancing is one of the best ways to boost the main stats of shipgirls. Go to the dock -> select the character -> enhance -> tap the + icon and select the material. We would recommend you to select the low-rank(1*) shipgirls as a material. And keep in mind that characters used as the material will disappear.

Azur Lane Guide To Equipment⇓

In this part, we have explained how equipment mechanics work. Basically, you have to select the equipment on the basis of class; read the ship class guide above. For example; equip the fighter planes or aircraft to CV or CVL class. Anti-Air weapons to BB class. Torpedo -> Destroyer/DD. Main Gun/Artillery -> LC/CA class.

Weapons In Azur Lane game⇓

  1. Auxiliary – To increase HP, Reload stats
  2. Artillery – Main Gun, Increases the power stats
  3. Fighter/Dive Planes – Increases the Aviation
  4. Torpedo – Increases the torpedo stats
  5. Anti-Air – Increases the Anti-Air stats

Shipgirls’ stats⇓

  1. HP – Ship’s hull strength
  2. Power – Determined by the gun weapon
  3. Anti-Air – Damage power of anti-air weapons
  4. Armor – Protection/Defense
  5. Torpedo – Damage power of torpedo weapons
  6. Avia – Damage power of fighter planes
  7. Reload – Fire rate
  8. Speed – Evade
  9. Cost – Oil drops/points consumed to start the battle

You can control the stats of shipgirls by equipping right weapons. For example; CVL Class character’s main weapon is fighter planes.

How to check weapon type or details? 

Go to the dock -> select the character -> head to the gear tab. Tap the weapon to check its details; choose change to replace with another weapon, choose to unequip to remove from the slot, and tap the enhance button to increase the equipment performance.

Enhancing The Equipment⇓

To upgrade the equipment, you need parts. For example; to improve the main guns, you need the main gun parts. How to obtain gear parts in Azur Lane? Complete the objectives/missions, chapters in the adventure mode. Play daily mission -> escort cargo. Or from the supply shop(tech pack). Equipment tiers; tier 1, tier 2, 3, and so on. Get a high-rank tier part from the high-tier tech pack.

How to know you have made a good choice or not?

The best way is to check; the right equipment for the right character is by checking the efficiency. Go to the gear tab and just above the gear’s slot, you can check the gear efficiency; if it’s +100%, then it means you are going right!

Limit Break⇓

Limit Break feature allows you to enhance the stats of the character, increase the maximum level cap, and raise the star level(from 3* to 4*). Go to the character info page -> limit break -> tap the + icon -> select the material; you can use the duplicate character or universal character to limit break. Universal character? -> Bulin(Engineer).

List Of Characters⇓

On the main screen, just above the event tab, close to the friend’s option; there is an option; Coll./Collection. Tap it. After it, head to the archives to see the list of characters featured in Azur Lane game. Tap the character to know how to get it.

Azur Lane Guide To Skills⇓

All the shipgirls have unique skills. For example; repair ships can heal or repair the allies(other characters/team members). You can unlock new skills by leveling up or limit break. To upgrade the skill, you need skill books. The player can obtain skill books from the daily mission mode -> Maritime attack mode. Or complete the quests, from the supply shop. Assign the students in the academy to start the skill upgrade process.


In the academy side, you can access merchant, canteen, supply shop, and tactical classroom. You can collect gold coins and oil from the merchant and canteen. In the supply shop, you can spend coins and gems to get skill books/textbook, tech packs, and many more items. Or spend merit points to get fragments of shipgirls + tech packs and more items. In the tactical classroom, you can upgrade the skill of the characters. Go there -> assign the student -> choose the character/skill -> skill book -> confirm.


The dorm is the facility where shipgirls can rest. Their happiness level gets reduced when you deploy them in the fleet to attack enemies. To increase the happiness level or moral of shipgirls -> go to the dorm -> tap the train button -> select the characters. Tap the supplies button and give them food. You can activate buff by adding decorative items to the room. Tap the shop button(dorm) and there you can buy items such as furniture, floor, wall, decorative items, and more. House coins can be obtained from the shop(spend diamonds and get the pack).


Exercise mode gets unlocked when you reach level 15. In this mode, you battle against other player’s fleet and earn merit points. You can spend merit coins/points/tokens in the supply shop.


In Azur Lane game, sometimes, you get designs of the weapons. Go to the storage -> designs -> there you can check all the designs. After collecting a set of designs, you will be able to craft/make a high-rank weapon. Complete the chapters’ stages multiple times to obtain more. Also, see – Top new Android games

Fleet Formation Guide⇓

Azur LaneYou can deploy three characters in the main fleet(these characters attack from behind; usually, characters of CVL, CV, BB class are placed in this fleet. They attack enemies with fighter planes – use the weapons button to cast(in the battle, on the bottom-right side). And three characters in the VANGUARD Fleet(in this fleet, usually, we deploy these character classes; DD, CA, and LC(equip better main gun).

So this is a short Azur Lane guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out the Azur Lane tips, cheats & strategy guide to master the game.

Azur Lane tips and cheats⇓

1.) Don’t Re-Roll, Forget The SSR Or SR

If you are thinking to re-roll, then don’t do. It would be the waste of time as there are only 7% chances of getting SR rank unit from the free summons. What is it? If you don’t know about re-roll; when you start these type of games; the game gives you free chances to obtain the characters. If the results are bad, then most of the player restart the game from the beginning and try their luck. But in Azur Lane, it would be a waste. As there are only 7% chances of getting SR rank unit. However, if you pre-registered the game, check the mail/inbox to claim elite unit.

Then how we can obtain these units? Play the game, complete the chapters, build the ship, and just play! You will get good units as you progress in the story/chapter mode.

2.) Get The Repair Ship ASAP

Repair ships come with a magical ability; they can heal or repair other characters and keep your hope alive(of getting the victory). As per our details, you get Vestal(name of the repair ship) in this stage; 7-3 or you can build in light or special construction. Or keep an eye in the exchange shop- from there you can obtain it in exchange for honor medals. You can obtain honor medals by retiring shipgirls. Go to the builds menu -> exchange. Without a repair ship, you can not heal injured characters(for free, more than one time – you can heal for free, once a day – just tap the repair icon on the chapter menu screen, left side or use diamonds).

3.) Retire The Shipgirls

You will get dozens of characters by just playing the game. And it would not be easy to manage all. We would recommend you to focus on the high-rank units(2* or higher in the beginning) and use rest(low-rank) as the enhancing material. Or go to the builds menu -> retire -> select the units -> confirm. Obtain honor medals by retiring the useless units.

4.) Get Weapon Parts, Skill Books, And Tech Packs

On the main screen -> tap the attack button -> at the bottom-right side(make sure chapter menu is closed) -> tap the daily option. This section includes many game modes;

  1. Play escort cargo daily to get weapon parts
  2. Urgent Ops for tech packs
  3. Play Maritime Attack for textbooks/skill-books

Use weapon parts to enhance the gears. Open the tech packs in the storage menu -> items. Use skill books in the tactical classroom.

5.) Level Up Fast In Commission

Commission mode unlocks at level 12. In this mode, you complete the research missions. Just select a mission -> assemble the party and earn experience points in a huge amount.

6.) Pay Attention To The Academy

In Academy, collect the resources; gold, oil from the merchant and canteen. Upgrade these facilities to earn more. And check out the deals in the supply shop -> spend in-game currency to buy precious items.

7.) Give Rest To The Characters

As mentioned above, the moral status of characters reduced as you play continuously. Make sure to give them rest in the dorm.

8.) Improve The Stats Of Shipgirls

If you are not improving the stats, you can not progress in this game. You can not even complete the chapters. So make sure to improve the stats; read the guide above; enhance, limit-break, equipment, and more.

9) Repeat The Stages For More Rewards

If you get stuck on a level, it would be better to step back and complete old stages. Or if you want to earn common currency or items such as parts, EXP, gold, and more, then repeat the stages.

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